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  1. I'm definitely in for this, been a long time since I've been active or seen anyone in XI. I think it was the Cincinnati fest like 8ish years ago or so. A lot to do in Gatlinburg lol.
  2. The longest I've been able to run the game is about 20 minutes and managed that by turning off the LS Nvidia Container service under Services.
  3. We can try to do something Sunday if you want, I have a couple chores to do then we can go at it. I installed the Redistributables, I was missing one of them but everything else is good to go. I've never actually modded fallout 4 specifically. I sent them more information and all they told me to do was uninstall steam and the game lol. Like I went through an OS reload, that's not going to do anything lol.
  4. Alright so this is unfortunately a long and semi detailed story just because my memory sucks but here we go. Fallout 4, I bought it about a year after release played the hell out of it, my character is level 76 on my save (At this time the game ran as good as any Bethesda game would). Stopped playing it for about 2 years and about a year ago I wanted to pick it back up and play. I installed it back onto my computer, at this time I had windows 10 still installed and fallout is in my steam UI. So when I launch the game and no matter what settings I choose in the launch panel it will get into menu load up my save and crash anywhere from 15 seconds - 20 minutes. I then went through uninstalls/reinistalls of the game, used DDU to uninstall and reinstall GPU drivers. Made sure my chipset drivers were correct, updated my bios, took care of criticals and errors in my event viewer logs, I installed the .ini drivers for my monitor instead of using the microsoft generic pnp drivers. disconnected my other monitors, ran my primary through hdmi, lowered it to 60hz, modded the .ini of fallout 4 to match, changed nvidia control panel settings, I've ran it on different monitors. I took out ram modules, ran memtest, disconnected multiple nvme drives except for the boot drive, I rebooted multiple times into safe modes to install .ini drivers for the monitor since they weren't technically signed by microsoft. Then I reloaded my OS to 11 because it's been about a year and a half and I usually reload my OS at least once every 2 years. I work in IT as a systems analyst so I like figuring stuff out and wanted to play with windows 11, (mixed feelings so far, not terrible but needs some quality of life/ease of access to certain programs/apps and more customizability). Once I installed windows 11 pro, I installed all the chipset drivers needed, installed gpu driver and fallout only. Still got the same exact problem. I went into bios and made changes to my DOCP as well to see if that would make any changes. I then went through all of my previous trouble shooting again in windows 11. I've been in contact with Bethesda for about a month and a half now going back and forth with information. I installed it all to my wife's PC and used my save file on her computer, everything ran perfectly without crashing for multiple hours. So since it works perfectly fine on her computer, but doesn't work on mine and I went through multiple reloads it would look like it's specifically hardware but I've already went through the process of elimination. I feel like I've hit a brick wall, If anyone else might have any ideas let me know lol. Her PC is a basic budget build put together which spare parts. AMD 3200G B550 Board GTX 950 16GB 2666 Ram 512GB NVME Samsung 750W PSU 1080P 60Hz monitor My computer has AMD 3600 X570 Gaming - F GTX 2070 Super 48GB 3000Mhz Ram 850W PSU 1x 1440p 144hz 27in, 2x 1080p 60hz 22in 1x 512GB WD Black Nvme, 1x 1TB Intel Nvme, 1x 1TB Samsung MsInfo 1-6-22.txt Event Viewer.evtx DxDiag.txt
  5. I've been putting some emulators and roms together for a bit now. At least 2 emulators for each system just in case there is incompatibility between roms. I've been storing all of it in google drive, if anyone has any better ideas on making it easier to share please let me know lol. Otherwise if you want access now or in the future, DM me with an email to share the files to, it will just link you to my Google Drive I have around 150GB of games for NES to Gamecube so far does anyone have any systems or games they think should be included that may not be there already?
  6. Cylon

    Dash Cam

    The Viofo A119 V3 is the dash cam I bought. I hate that pretty much all of them look kind of ugly depending on where the wiring has to go, but they send a pretty long wire for this model. This one is 1440p and has 140 degree FOV. It also came with a gps chip (optional), I never used the gps chip though. Besides that I bought a 128gb SD card for it, It saves pretty much everything and will just rewrite over old stuff if you never take the card out or want to go through footage. It's 99$ now, I believe it was 149$ when I first purchased it. I probably spent 2-3 hours looking up and comparing them when I first bought it. I'd probably say to look at some of the youtube dashcam crash videos, they usually recommend the best hardware.
  7. No problem at all, I plan on putting a guide together and providing the files needed. I'll have it ready in a day or two. I'll let you know when I have everything ready @loaderXI. Let me know if you run into anything else Cotton. =)
  8. Cool, sent the link to you. Let me know if you run into anything.
  9. I have the files that can just be dropped into the PB folder after the old ones are deleted, I can send you the link to my one drive, but I have to have an email to send it to. I feel like I should make a step by step instruction sheet on how to replace the needed files.
  10. I was updating my profile and saw the following feature and your name there, just reminds me of the matches we've been in together, and how weird it's been knowing I won't see it again. 

    When I think of Call of Duty 4, which is often, I think of XI and the people I've met that are no longer with us.  I'm not a sentimental person but it hits home now and then. 

    I appreciate the time I spent with you Dadda2


  11. True, I don't know if he will get kicked after a minute or two since steam doesn't install PB with it. I also never checked to see if direct IP connection from the steam version is compatible with 1.7. Doesn't hurt to try lol.
  12. Steam has it's own "version" sets it to 1.8 or something. You will have to go into the files and swap them with the 1.7 files and also add PB files since steam won't fix it for you. I have the files in a google drive if you need it. Later today after work I can also do it through quick assist or something, either way.
  13. I've played 700+ hours on the game and it's a love hate relationship. If it's your first time playing it I will have to say it takes till around level 40-50 to get used to the gameplay. Worth it though
  14. Damn, I'm a bit late to the party, thanks guys lol
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