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  1. Cylon

    I've played 700+ hours on the game and it's a love hate relationship. If it's your first time playing it I will have to say it takes till around level 40-50 to get used to the gameplay. Worth it though
  2. Cylon

    Damn, I'm a bit late to the party, thanks guys lol
  3. Cylon

    Bought it and I need people to play with so add me, just a heads up though, I'm an asshole. http://steamcommunity.com/id/cylonworrior
  4. Cylon

    Asus is where it's at. Trust me I can Science. But really Asus has some great routers. I have Three phones, three tablets Two desktops hooked up through ethernet, one through wifi also using an asus wireless card and one laptop. Oh and a chromecast as well. But the only things that are usually running are my desktop a laptop the phones and usually one or two of the tablets and the chromecast. With only 30Mbps as well. My computer is the only one that uses the 5Ghz channels for less interference though. But stay away from TP-Link and Tenda though they're cheaply made but not saying all they're products are shoddy. I've had this router for about two year. Runs a bit on the warmer side but hasn't failed me yet. http://www.microcenter.com/product/396996/AC1750_Dual-Band_Wireless_Gigabit_Router_RT-AC66U
  5. I tried the mod back in 2009 when I was back in school and saw these fuckers including Magical Fart, that asshole BobBarker and Cobra bites and a few no longer with us and I was like shit I need to join them. Waited a while and join a year or so after that I think and since then I've become an idiot as well.
  6. Cylon

    I saw gameplay and it looked pretty cool I bought it at https://www.g2a.com/ for a great price for a steam key. Haven't seen the movie yet though
  7. Cylon

    What happened to the simple days when office wasn't 400 dollars for a professional version or pay yearly for access...
  8. Cylon

    Finally, thought that guy would never leave!
  9. Cylon

  10. I'm not to fond of how the game works and looks compared to CoD4 lol
  11. I had the same problem for the short time I played the game
  12. Cylon

    I use the Razer Taipan and I love it, I just want to upgrade to a chroma to match everything else, it's the last step right now
  13. I just don't like the fact I can't use dead silence and hardwired
  14. Cylon

    Man, I will give them my whole car if you video tape them getting run over with it xD
  15. I like doing fresh installs so I don't know how I would feel about migrating everything.
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