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  1. Wonder how many were shocked they had a face under those MASKS!!!!!!!
  2. What did you just say Essssieeee??????
  3. Thanks Skuz! Oh look Bio a little people map
  4. Buffalo Cody

    It will be cold enough to snow(thats right Essiee) SNOW here in Flordia overnite But Dot aka Mother Nature wont let that happen it all headed to Maine!!!!! Thanks Dot
  5. Buffalo Cody

    Come now Dot--- as Mother Nature knows she can change that -17 just ask Key
  6. Buffalo Cody

    Yeah nice For E-raser to do 55 in a 70 zone!!!
  7. Buffalo Cody

    So much for the LAND OF THE FREE!!!!!! At least we can still post here
  8. Yes Thanks a bunch--been out for awhile good to be back
  9. Buffalo Cody

    How come with all this Covid around the world there is no concern for masks on the planes out of Kabul??????
  10. Buffalo Cody

    About time Bio great news to have you join us! You still have to watch out for those E'ssssssssssss
  11. Buffalo Cody

    Welcome devil-be stop BEING such a good Shot! PLEASE see you in the game
  12. Buffalo Cody

    Ok now remember Fatzi no sneaking up and stabbing ME!!!!!! WELCOME LOL
  13. Thanks Merlin great job as always
  14. Your the MAN ------Or the MEERLINNNNNNNNNNNN great job!
  15. Nice work Merlin--refreshing to have old COD back--Now if players could leave their HACKS with the other version!!!!
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