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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY E stay warm if you can
  2. Hey Elvis never ages have a Great B-Day you Flame throw-in opponent------ 9 forever see ya in the game
  3. Happy Birthday remember what happens in Vegas stays there no story's please-lol-ps love those betties
  4. Well we Evac to Cleveland Tenn. I 75 road to bumper to bumper to and back-16 hours up 16 hours back got lucky with eye moving east minor damage to our house others not so lucky--loaderxi hope things went well at your place. I see Briteball kept everyone up to date.
  5. Fu2 or Crusher doesn't matter kick my butt either name plus new ADM i am doomed---------all in fun!
  6. Yes it's back thanks to the magic of Merlin--------Now if he could create more maps to play on FT alot of the older players (Cool-Norm-etc) may stop and play again! LOL everyone
  7. Sure are joining a great bunch good luck and keep Morris away from my betties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Think it was 16 million to develope but 170,000 each- up to 90 bad guys gone now
  9. Thanks Merlin your the best!!!!!!!!
  10. Comeback into FT I'll take ya as a teammate any day. Most don't like my style either same goes for you Gatorgirl
  11. Leave it on! Like Jon says us old farts need a little something that frightens the hell out of the aggressive players! Sorry Morris betties keep you on your toes
  12. Thanks Merlin u the Man as always
  13. There seemed to be a drop in players in the game around 2pm est till the change was made now during that time more players are in! not sure about the later times-but its not easy to get 7 kills to get the dogs so it adds a challenge even 5 can take extra skill....anyway got a lot of interest in FT going again.....while your at it Merlin check on making the tanks one level stronger against rpg's again just to hype up the game...good work!
  14. Happy B-DAY to the adman who likes to punish me////////boo who have a great day!!!!!