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  1. I was in till this date and message. The Wife does dance's here in our park and that's the Halloween night which i get stuck helping her. Sorry guys I have to pass hope for next time😰🤬🎃
  2. Sounds great-Jon how about a rotation of all the new maps? Just wondering
  3. Good Job Merlin////is your new map going into rotation soon? whoops didn't see your last post great news
  4. Buffalo Cody

    Happy Birthday to the name sake of my best weapon THE BETTY hope its a good one. See ya in the Games
  5. Thanks Merlin always a top notch job see you in the game once again GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!
  6. Buffalo Cody

    Well now that the weather is good hope you have a GREAT B-Day
  7. Buffalo Cody

    Thank You All--- Even better news next day informed cancer free for at least 6-months more WHOO Hoo
  8. Sounds great will try it out/time for new maps in Nam FT
  9. Buffalo Cody

    At least your Birthdays don't happen around TAX (DOOMSDAY) every year!
  10. Buffalo Cody

    Thank you BIG 65 today !!bye bye Obamacare
  11. Thanks for the GREAT work M007
  12. Big Thanks to Merlin007 your efforts are GREAT Any news on that map that failed?
  13. Please lets not do that: she is a good friend til Slo fry gets in the game! Best used against Morris and Deerjohn--LOL
  14. Buffalo Cody

    Another one down Happy Birthday have a GREATDAY