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  1. Thanks John----say could we maybe put Tanks back in Seelow map? Just might juice it up a bit! Just wondering😛
  2. Buffalo Cody

    Welcome Ada just knew you would get in! Look forward to blowing you up in tanks with TAGS 🙂
  3. Buffalo Cody

    That's what happens with poor Management , bean counters start calling the shots. To bad Elvis😥
  4. Buffalo Cody

    Stay out of the WATER Shaun!🥴
  5. Buffalo Cody

    WELCOME Billy-------This means no more BUNNY Hops I keep missing U 😥😝 See ya in FT
  6. Buffalo Cody

    NICE, all I need now is to be targeted for termination more-lol Congrats to all
  7. Buffalo Cody

    No Fair Marauder your a old fart like me 😝 Thanks to all Oh Canada🇨🇦/
  8. Thanks Merlin: look forward to Jon gettttiiiiinnnnngggg blasted again 🤭 lol
  9. Yeah Dragon thought Cobus's age a little inflated .I myself will be 66 come April been a member since 2015 and enjoy it everyday on FT server when I can join in. Like to throw out a thanks to Cool for helping me get in clan and to Deerjon and Merlin and oh yes you too Morris for putting up with my BETTIES, and poor play at times LOL.?
  10. Yes another great job and you can play at work too!? ?
  11. It's ok bob things even out in the long run.......see you back in the game? bad betty
  12. THANKS Jon???------see ya in the game
  13. Sorry Sammy just suggesting since thaws are 15 pts and kills worth 10 pts that maybe deaths should count against a score. Nothing about a players skill. lol?
  14. But lets take it a step further WD-take points away for excessive deaths on a players part. You have players running around like crazy with no regard if they are kia. Losing say 5 points would hurt a team and make someone think twice for being over aggressive. Just a thought?
  15. Buffalo Cody

    Wondered why we have not seen you here look forward to more posts?
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