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  1. -Voltage-

    Battlenet: VoltageXI#11290 PS4: Voltage-XI-
  2. -Voltage-

    Angelz did mine
  3. -Voltage-

    Anxious to see your work Rosie!
  4. -Voltage-

    Congrats DM! Thank you Rose for putting this on. Hopefully I can be available for the next one.
  5. -Voltage-

    Angelz does an awesome job. Just give her an idea of what you what on there and she’ll do the rest.
  6. -Voltage-

    Hacks.....lol Turn them off and you’ll be fine Shaun ☻
  7. -Voltage-

    Looking forward to some great things here!
  8. -Voltage-

    I was on the road, buck naked lol
  9. -Voltage-

    Found it, thanks, until someone shot me lol
  10. -Voltage-

    I tried and it said server cannot be found
  11. -Voltage-

  12. -Voltage-

    Where can I sign up for noob training!! This is confusing
  13. -Voltage-

    I have it now, and will be trying it out soon.
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