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  1. -Voltage-

    I was on the road, buck naked lol
  2. -Voltage-

    Found it, thanks, until someone shot me lol
  3. -Voltage-

    I tried and it said server cannot be found
  4. -Voltage-

  5. -Voltage-

    Where can I sign up for noob training!! This is confusing
  6. -Voltage-

    I have it now, and will be trying it out soon.
  7. -Voltage-


    Thank you, it worked.
  8. I downloaded COD4 thru Steam and was already updated to 1.8. Is there anyway I can remove the 1.8 so I can play on the servers? Thanks
  9. No I did not record anything, just mainly sat back and listened to the crap.
  10. If any admin sees MSGT_Poppey in any of the servers I highly recommend to ban him. He was belligerently knocking down players in the server, saying this server sux and we should all kiss his white ass. Basically making it unenjoyable for people in the server. I told him if he didn't like it he could leave, but he just stayed and was an annoyance. This was in the DM Custom Maps 2. If an admin can't back this up than what's the point. There, that's my 2 cents worth.
  11. -Voltage-

  12. Have you tried Ring of Elysium? It's a good game and stable. Most like it better than PUBG. You can find it on Steam.
  13. Athena....You just like to hand out spankings :-)
  14. -Voltage-

    I just got it. I also got the 4 game pack.
  15. -Voltage-

    Yes please voltagetrb is my Steam
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