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  1. We have decided that we will not unban the IP for your brother. We have decided to lift the ban in 3 months. One of you will need to post here after that time to get the IP unblocked.
  2. we will discuss this and get back to you
  3. congrats guys
  4. a, welcome? b, please for the love of all things stop with the emoji spam
  5. When we set up the server we specifically set the starting amount to 256, to allow players to claim a starting chunk. I am not aware of any changes to that being made. As for afk, I do not believe you gain claim blocks or money while afk, your only advantage is your farms/machines can keep running.
  6. You will need to take this up with Tristen, as it is his shop
  7. We can review this. The starting and per-hour claim blocks were best guesses. We will think it over and post what we decide
  8. I would second killing floor 2
  9. The low prices can really be blamed on the prevalence of magical crops. prices crashed within a couple days of the server opening
  10. we will discuss it and get back to you for the record, you did a lot more than "stole some armor", and we do not take kindly to stealing. You also have given me no reason to think you won't just do it again
  11. You should be unbanned now.
  12. I believe the New and Improved market hub is now open and available
  13. we are working on changing away from portals to a central market with stalls for everyone. The holdup at this time is figuring out how to make the claim system play nice with what we want to do. we will share more once we figure that out. I still like the idea of a central board, but that has taken a back burner to figuring out the shops and rl.
  14. We have decided on a 30 day ban from your original ban date. poke us on discord on or after Dec 22 to get unbanned. or post here, but we probably won't see it for a few days if you do that