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  1. Karnthis

    We will review this and get back to you
  2. Karnthis

    We will discuss this and get back to you
  3. We (hopefully) are still in the pinned list of servers. As you said, we used to advertise but it really wasnt the result you might expect. We can consider it for sure.
  4. Karnthis

    Please note, to be accepted for the whitelist you must be on the discord server linked in the whitelist request form.
  5. Karnthis

    This would fall under non consensual PvP, so no don’t do it
  6. I would love the output from that script. I wanted to build a CC vending machine at one point, but now would mostly be for my own curiousity
  7. on the note of AE2, the api is incredibly powerful but I have been unable to find any documentation on it or the endpoints.
  8. that last one drove me more insane than I already was, great tip to share.
  9. Karnthis

    @Jinglejanglezz Appeal denied By my count you broke 6 different rules, and are not the sort of player we want on the server. Additionally, you are still arguing that you are in the right. You have done nothing to indicate to the admin team that you won’t do again exactly what you were before.
  10. Karnthis

    Thanks for the suggestion! They were also on my radar but I wanted first chance to go to the clan.
  11. Karnthis

    Hey you idiots! I have crawled out of my cave to ask a question. I am in need of a logo for a startup I am forming. I believe one of the clan members designed the logo for Nostradewmus' trucking company. Anyway, I would prefer to keep the work in house if possible. Right now I am looking for concepts/drafts as I am not certain what I want. I am flexible (within reason) on payment. Please contact me if you are interested, and I will supply details. If you have some samples similar work that would be awesome.
  12. Karnthis

    If you have not done so, you need to fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOatfhFRMv-JfnMjfcZKyCfk1hjMWMLmjUr5aorRSUYJphEg/viewform?usp=sf_link After that be patient, and make sure you are reachable on discord to receive your decision.
  13. Karnthis

    I am not much of a Thaum user, but from what I do know this looks to be a rather complete and detailed collection of both common and obscure information. get job, thanks for putting this together.
  14. Karnthis

    We will discuss this and get back to you
  15. @SinfulDays Hey there. I thought one of the admins had already answered this. We are not in a position to restore your lost items. This is why we strongly advise only carrying what you need. It looks like this is a known bug with the modpack's version of Thaum. https://ftbwiki.org/Eldritch_Portal#Known_Bugs You are welcome to try using the reincarnation ritual, but I have never used it so cannot attest to how successful it is. @Ruggerxi this thread can be closed, thanks for tagging us.



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