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  1. thanks I will go over this tomorrow and see if I can get connected
  2. ok so I was looking for the server and could not find it under mutant. did the game mode change? also, where do I download the community map packs from? the in-game download goes to a broken link.
  3. I am torn, seems like a pretty solid cast, but looks kinda dumb. worth a watch once it is cheap at redbox/library, but not something I would see in theaters.
  4. We gave Sling tv and playstation vue a try. We liked playstation vue better but honestly were not using it enough to justify keeping. So now we just have netflix and amazon prime tv on our roku, love that little thing.
  5. you have been unbanned. next time it will be perm
  6. I am rubbish at pvp, but it sounds like a blast. sign me up! Barron could you get a list of people added to your first post so we can see how many we have?
  7. welcome back. at least you get to enjoy the pristine new world instead of coming back a while after the reset and everyone is already miles ahead.
  8. mutant looks like a blast. I will get installed and try to join this weekend. other half is out of town so I can do what I want
  9. gonna have to boot up UT sounds like. used to play a ton when I was a kid
  10. the admin team will discuss and get back to you. I am going to have your appeal moved, we actually have a separate area for minecraft ban appeals.
  11. beyond getting myself out of debt and setting up healthy college funds for my nieces, I have no idea
  12. congrats! looks like a nice place once you fix it up. best of luck to you!
  13. Mine would be a temple in a desert canyon, set into the end. Had a lava skull for an entrance, secret passageways, a guard room, a lava prison, all sorts of fun stuff. Sadly no pictures have survived.
  14. Is Missouri Mule anything like a Moscow Mule? The name I used for ages was Eronos, which is loosely based on my first name. I changed my contact info because of stuff going on in my life, and started using Karnthis for everything, which was the name of a character I had rolled up for a DnD game probably a year before. Just stuck with that ever since. Kinda boring really.
  15. one of us will look when we can get on. in the mean time please don't touch anything. from the look of things I would guess a mining turtle was used. that would explain the holes