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  1. probably best if you have someone show you in-game, but basically you place a chest, put what you want to sell in it (say 8 iron ingots), then place a sign in this format: ----- text more text $priceyouwanttosellfor($100 for example) [sell] (or [buy] if you want to buy things from players) ----- next, get a piece of redstone and rightclick (or maybe left, idk been a while) on the chest once, then rightclick (or left) on the sign. you should get a message the shop has been created couple notes. you can only have 20 signs. when making the shop ONLY put in the chest the amount you want to dish out, add the rest after linking the sign. signs can share a chest if you need to save space, but make sure to take everything out and only have the items for the new sign in the chest when you click it. think that is everything, I'm sure someone will point out what I missed.
  2. a good start is being a member of the clan. all admins must be clan members, but applying to the clan just because you want to be an admin is a good way to get denied.
  3. see your other appeal, and don't double post
  4. we will discuss this and get back to you
  5. We still get players on it most of the time. it has never really been high-pop, but it mostly runs itself right now and we don't need the space/resources for something else. the consensus is that until it is in the way, we will just let it be. That being said, if you have a suggestion for something different that would get plenty of traffic, you are welcome to suggest it
  6. The rollback was part of the automated crash recovery process. Not much we can do about it
  7. You have to close down minecraft and the technic launcher completely. Your log in session has expired
  8. We will discuss this and get back to you
  9. We will discuss your explanations and get back to you
  10. The stealing was from Nikre. You were trusted on his claim and a bunch of his stuff was taken. After that, items matching the missing quantities were seen in your ME system. As for duping, we found over 1800 of an item that can only be found in twilight, not made. We also found over 700 vibrant capacitor banks that just so happened to be at the same charge level, with no setup for having crafted that many.
  11. You were banned because we found evidence of you stealing from another player, and evidence of duping.
  12. we will discuss this and get back to you
  13. You were banned for duping along with X_VinylScratch_X
  14. somehow missed this, welcome!