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  1. It might be hard coded into the launcher depending on where you downloaded it from. Might be worth checking out the US launcher
  2. exciting stuff. I spent a while this weekend doing a 17GB update to the client, so now I can play. Will have to try to hook up with you guys
  3. Ayaq, I haven't the foggiest idea what you just said wafflz, it is something we are working on. We know what is causing it, but fixing it is proving to be problematic
  4. We will discuss this and get back to you
  5. I used to play, but got tired of dying without support. might play again with people, had no idea there were so many
  6. I would not call it disgusting, just very... vanilla
  7. we will discuss it and get back to you
  8. Great guide, but a few small details. You gain money for time spent not afk on the server. I think the rate is $600 / hr but I can check later to be sure You say "new to tekkit?" we are not running a tekkit server. might be confusing to some people last thing. buying claim blocks only works if the player has blocks available to purchase, and we currently have this disabled because it conflicts with passively getting more over time. other than that, great work, thanks for putting this together!
  9. welcome to the madhouse, towels are on the right
  10. what error do you get when you try to connect?
  11. welcome back
  12. welcome to the madhouse!
  13. You have been unbanned. next time it will be permanent
  14. I thoufmght you were. That is why I gave you an honest answer.
  15. You were banned for stealing. We will discuss your appeal and get back to you.