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  1. Karnthis

    I am not much of a Thaum user, but from what I do know this looks to be a rather complete and detailed collection of both common and obscure information. get job, thanks for putting this together.
  2. Karnthis

    We will discuss this and get back to you
  3. @SinfulDays Hey there. I thought one of the admins had already answered this. We are not in a position to restore your lost items. This is why we strongly advise only carrying what you need. It looks like this is a known bug with the modpack's version of Thaum. https://ftbwiki.org/Eldritch_Portal#Known_Bugs You are welcome to try using the reincarnation ritual, but I have never used it so cannot attest to how successful it is. @Ruggerxi this thread can be closed, thanks for tagging us.
  4. don't trust people you don't know. nothing will be recovered or replaced, period. As Tattoo said, if you submit evidence supporting your claims we will take appropriate action against the person.
  5. Karnthis

    The issue is you likely have/had your launcher set to use the ‘recommended’ version. Jon just changed that version yesterday from 9.8 to9.8b (which had been set as ‘latest’). In this case your launcher would have auto-updated to the new version, while we have not yet for the reasons given above.
  6. Karnthis

    No means No
  7. I don’t play much these days, but Sinjar was cancer. Station isn’t much better after a point
  8. Karnthis

    just going to chime in here. by your own admission you were using poppets on people without their consent. taglocking (which as you know is required to use a poppet) without consent is against our rules and the notice is posted regularly in chat. USING those tags to kill people is griefing, and results in a ban. one of our moderators jailed you until an admin was available to make the ban.
  9. Karnthis

    thanks guys! I never really thought about this before, but is there like a notification that goes out about this? seems like somebody always knows when it is someone's birthday.
  10. Karnthis

    @Bagder you have been unbanned from discord. you were temp banned for repeatedly nagging at the admin team about needing help connecting to the server when you were told by us and others that the server was offline and we were actively working to fix it. next time just be patient like everyone else.
  11. Karnthis

    Redruss1234" private message to me: I understand having depression, it sucks unlike most anything else. We have suspected you of duping from early on, but you kept it low-key enough for us to focus on other problems. After your base was cleared, we have seen a mountain of evidence that you are indeed duping. If as you say you only placed the market to get garlic, why are you placing and picking it up over and over, ONLY when you know staff is not on. We have watched you log in, see staff on, and log right back off many times. We see staff get on and you immediately pick up things and log off. This is not the behavior of an innocent, and I don't appreciate being treated like we are stupid. We have other reasons for the ban as well, but this one is enough.
  12. Karnthis

    You were banned due to the mountain of evidence you have been duping.
  13. Karnthis

    Translocator was always a blast. It was great for working around choke points, and could get you into some rediculous vantage points that would normally be inaccessible. Generally I feel it made the game a lot less predictable.
  14. Karnthis

    That is old information. We used to just link portals to shops people built in their bases, but that caused a number of issues. We now have the shops at spawn. Best option is to post on the XI discord requesting that an admin set up a shop for you. Be sure to include your IGN. A staff member will get you set up when they are available.
  15. Karnthis

    congrats! very exciting news