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  1. Taz1009

    Whos excited for fallout 76, whos going to preorder it
  2. Taz1009

    Thanks everyone I had a great day
  3. Taz1009

    Thanks to everyone welcoming me to your clan
  4. Taz1009

    Hey thanks for accepting me to your clan and I look forward to playing and chatting
  5. Taz1009

  6. Taz1009

    Really like the look of that monitor but that price i don't really like the look of
  7. Taz1009

    Damn @@MARKOFFXI that is a expensive monitor but looks great
  8. Taz1009

    Love those rag doll stuff and the VFX stuff so funny and the VFX looked amazing
  9. Taz1009

    Hahah thats a good one, i didnt get it at first re read it and then it clicked
  10. Taz1009

    Well at the moment i have a gtx 750 ti 4GB and it displays to my 50" LG Plasma i sit far back with wireless keyboard but getting a desk soon so need the monitor I really like the 24" monitor my college has so i was thinking of something around that size but there quite expensive at £150-£200 i want one in a £50-£100 price range
  11. Taz1009

    Happy birthday
  12. Taz1009

    I need a new monitor and im not sure on what to get, preferably something not crazy priced.
  13. Taz1009

    Woo i love some good free games



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