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  1. OK all definitely the last one I hope I have a problem, a problem I have had my entire lifetime, and that is principles, they have cost me dear (and even jobs) at times. One of these is 'That cheats should not prosper', I'm afraid I see this happening right in front of my eyes, and being me I will not ignore it. It is all too easy to ignore things like this and take the easy way out, and I do see this, but it is not for me I'm afraid. You have all seen me argue many times over the years about these principles, I can be a pure cunt, and ruthless at times, but if I think it's right I'l
  2. Well I don't want to drop my tags, but I also feel strongly that as a clan member it is rubbing our noses in it being forced to play with cheaters, I'll not say any more I'll see how the other members feel.
  3. So yet again, despite promises we let a player caught cheating play on, the last couple took two years to kick, and did they stop cheating after their first warnings, let me see no they didn't, surprise eh? Now what you do is up to you, but let us look at some consequences of your (poor) decision making :- 1/. Yet again someone gets some evidence only to have it overturned, happens time and time again, so are they going to bother their arse in the future?, you bet they're fucking not. 2/. Honest ordinary members now have to play on their own so called servers with someone they k
  4. RobMc

    Leave it thank you
  5. RobMc

    I ain't organising no rock concerts for them, they earn a fortune already
  6. That sucks (How many will get this?)
  7. In Budmans mouth (But only when he's got his teeth out - I'm not a pervert)
  8. RobMc

    Bitches charge what they like
  9. RobMc

    Hey there you keep my girls out of the limelight, if you'd asked I could have given you a discount.
  10. Well perhaps it is time there was ?
  11. I don't like cheats they deliberately ruin the game, but I detest pathetic excuses why they are cheating even more, assholes. They live in a world of delusion where they are great players when in fact they are scrotums, don't need them.
  12. NP mate, ok by me, just remember he confessed to being a naughty boy, because he confessed (never mind the decision) to me he is a cheat, pure and simple. He had the opportunity not to do it, but carried on, Jim had the opportunity to capture it. Now ask yourself truthfully if he had not been caught would he have done it again?, you bet your fucking life he would. Now let me tell you I was one of the first people to get this server going and I play regularly, in all that time I HAVE NEVER FALLEN OFF A MAP OR A GLITCH DESPITE THIS FCKR SAYING HE HAD DONE SO MANY TIMES AND IT WAS COMMON. so
  13. Well Missie way before Chknfngr chipped in I posted this ' 15 hours ago, Kitsune said: Maan I hope it's just a drunken prank My reply -No difference at all, plenty banned for that, drink no excuse, rightly so' So FU I never argued with Chkn about procedures, purely about drink being no excuse against a ban, if you do silly things drunk don't expect sympathy from others, don't drink. and you can speak your mind on what you like here, no problems there.
  14. Just for the record having played Manding on ftag and Mandinghino on dm I have never considered him a cheat, BUT if he was shooting people from under the map that is wrong, he should have more sense.
  15. You need to read these forums more often mate, the management are actively trying to remove cheaters and have already started on a couple. I get the impression that times have changed and they specifically requested things like this shot supplied by Jim. Now he may or may not get banned, a fuck I do not give, but for me and others who have played, and may play again with him, he is a cheat plain and simple.
  16. Well I can't recall them all but the last one that came to mind was a Finnish guy, said he was drunk and let his mates play in his place with bad results. Full of apologies for being drunk, usual I won't do it again, he was rightfully banned.
  17. Whoa boy, not saying you're not right, what I say is DRINK IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR ANYTHING FULL FUCKING STOP Sorry I strangled your baby I was drunk - fuck off
  18. RobMc

    OK fckrs Robs talents are going over your heads? Now remember we're talking about two things here, condoms and betting odds There was an old advertising thing with condoms saying ' buy me and stop one' (if I have to explain that I give up), so using a play on words I substituted me and one for 1, thus the numerals gave the betting odds as 1/1 known as evens. I'll keep it simpler in future, to suit the audience
  19. No difference at all, plenty banned for that, drink no excuse, rightly so
  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9810615/Japanese-man-masturbates-death.html
  21. RobMc

    Ah my buddy you needed to see last nights shoutbox, and understand bookmakers odds, the Brits will get this, glad I fill you with doubt - a true idiot I am.
  22. Always exciting, especially for those suckers who work, problem is for the next couple of days they want to play, disrupts us old fckrs from our routine. Great sleep and wild dreams, how was it for you @WldPenguin ???? , sorry the trenchcoat was at the carwash, disappointed I know but I'll make it up tonight. I'll bet in tonights dream you win our game of scrabble by using American spelling, in last nights dream (actually a nightmare) you shot me from across the map, surreal things dreams, bearing no resemblance to reality. A full day of entertainment awaits, killing or being killed by



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