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  1. Subject Heading:- Name change ######### To ########## I have changed my name from Nate-WYD- to NateF ,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated.
  2. Happy Bday!
  3. mine does that sometimes but then loads the game after a few seconds. wonder if your connection is lagging?
  4. awesome. hate with we get connection interruption. guess its not just me
  5. lol I'm on a 27" and struggling to see haha. we all end up blind at some point lol
  6. I have played on this server a few times when Freeze tag was ful. lots of fun for sure
  7. lol right in the window. now that sucks! I seen someone fly all the way to back of hanger on that map with the missile silos. that was hilarious
  8. How often do you guys change the rotation with new maps?
  9. lol! i love playing while pre drinking for the night but i definitely play like shit drunk..... I do that sober too but no excuse then. haha
  10. wow. very cool stuff. would be nice to see the tube have slightly reduced power. I think it gets over used as a guess shot weapon
  11. Whats the IP? i like KTK
  12. If its a Mac go straight to the 1.7 patch. the game says its on the 1.5 version but its not.
  13. lol. hilarious. I too pay too much property tax. If only i had the schooling to be able to get the manganese ration just right. Let me know if you found that home address. I might join you haha