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  1. OB1

    Yup This the fix. Thanks man.
  2. OB1

    All fixed. Happy to thaw... Also happy to freeze your ass...;)
  3. Sweet I'm your 1st follower :lol:.


    Get your post count up to 20+ buddy and we'll see about getting you some >XI< tags

  4. This worked for me. Back to Level 1 but gaming again...:) thanks
  5. OB1

    Thanks I will check them out.
  6. OB1

    My cod4 did some kind of update yesterday. Now I have lost all rank, favorites and the ability to find or play on any online servers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. OB1

    Thanks for your vote...:)
  8. OB1

    Fun server.. A few seconds more of spawn protection would be great. IMHO.
  9. OB1

    Howdy. I mostly play COD4. Big fan of your freeze tag server. Tiered of being redirected for members, So here we go...