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  1. Quint

    Hey, I'm in ! Will be perfect to test my new setup Merci @VHS2 pour l'info !
  2. Quint

    @HudsoN You are right, i am sorry for the words. Just as I was saying to @Sixgun, i'm used to be insulted in each game, as i said before i am not a loud player, because my english isn't the best and because this is just a game. I'm not looking into drama. But being insulted and now being banned is too much. Thanks for the reply, i will wait for some news
  3. Quint

    Lol i received a rage ban, so it's more or less the same on the forum or in game i'm not a loud player, i'm kind of shy. But f*ck i'm bored of being insulted for free because they can't accept that after 13 years of playing the game i can have some skills
  4. Quint

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: FreezetagWhen did you get banned?: Today 6 MarchWhat was your in-game name?: QuintWhat is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: Just made a post about it, raging people just raging
  5. Quint

    Hey, So, interestingly i'm permanently banned from COD4 server. Yes i'm pissed off. Of course lot of people think i'm a hacker cuz they can't get some skills, but a lot of your own members are a way better than me (Pink & Pinhead, Wardogs, Exe, just to give some few). You never hear me crying as you do. So where are your proof, people that banned me? I'd like to see the recording! Maybe if you were not in spec, you would have hear @daniel giving me vocal intels. That's unbelieavable how some people are fucked because they are not good in a game. I'm gonna play on @VHS2 computer just t
  6. Hey, The beauty of no admin... what to do in this case? Nobody wanna play the map except 3 players but we can't change map. Is there no solution? Respectfully, Quint
  7. Quint

    Be careful with this kind of score, some people gonna say 'hacker!' ! Then you will have to play with inverted hands to looks like a 'regular' player Nice score btw, needs more thaws
  8. Well, should i quote your whole message?
  9. Am sorry to see the fact you suck in game makes you hate people Always been nice with you and people in general cuz it's just a game, you dont need to go crazy. Moreover, if you cant shoot straight nor defrost your mates, you should question yourself. Maybe learn to play? I can teach you ?
  10. Of course Saritch is overpowered.. That's why it's the only weapon on the server (Except that Chilenian Guy with his f*cking c4 ?). Please make a balanced saritch, it will give some renewall in the gameplay, and will force player (as me) to learn how to play with other weapon ? You probably don't care about my opinion, but i still give it, the mod and the players on the server are good and i like it
  11. I didn't find their website too Kitty... Well as Funky and you said, i'll get back on the freezetag server to play with (or against) you



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