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  1. Skyler_HUN

    @BUDMAN I always play for fun, but with this is more funny for me
  2. Skyler_HUN

    Thanks for your answere J3st3r! So the only thing I have to do just be patient and the problem will stop
  3. Skyler_HUN

    Hey Idiots! I have some problem with this... My XLRstats stopped to work on 28th of March. And it shows I played from Netherlands. It is funnx because I have never been in there. I always play with hungarian or danish IP address. I saw that the other player's stats actual. Do you have any solution or Idea? I really want to fox it
  4. Skyler_HUN

    Welcome LIL! Shoot you soon!
  5. 2nd hobby  :D


    20200122_002356 mmmmmmmmmm.jpg

    1. Roxy!


      its cool I like it ... a lot work in there!!

  6. The same problem during download...
  7. Skyler_HUN

    Hello! Helllo! Welcome!
  8. He try to look a real gentleman but I know he is the same S-hole like yesterday :DDD


    1. LtLaszlo


      LOL! Dogs are awesome creatures!!

      Our girl is 14, diabetic and blind, but does very good considering her problems. Bumps into things a lot!


    2. Roxy!


      he is sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee LOVE IT!!!


  9. Skyler_HUN

    Happy B-day Shoot you soon!
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