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  1. Phoenix911

    We're becoming more dependent on Russia for Oil? We imported less than 7% of our oil from Russia in 2020. Yes, the amount has increased slightly the last couple of years, but to say our 'dependency' is increasing is just misleading. U.S. Total Crude Oil and Products Imports (eia.gov)
  2. Phoenix911

    Granted I'm in the east now but even that won't get me to drive 9 hrs for a weekend at the cabin lol. Hopefully next year will be somewhere with a bit more appeal.
  3. Phoenix911

    Korean street food was hit or miss... I loved Gyeran-ppang but absolutely hated Beondegi...most disgusting smell/taste I've ever experience...
  4. Phoenix911

    This is the first I'm seeing that the downloader went away. What was the reason for that? I like the looks of the new portal, but having to download 4 files individuals per map for the hundreds of maps we have seems like a nightmare.
  5. Alright, I found the issue with the adding friends. For some reason you have to include the # after your username. That's the only way to make it work. Mine is Phoenix911xi#1736
  6. I've pre-ordered for PC. Battlenet name Phoenix911xi, feel free to add me
  7. Phoenix911

    Sounds like FUNky is volunteering to buy some keys and hand them out
  8. Phoenix911

    Downloading WW3 to try out as well.
  9. Kind of disappointed that the excavator wasn't released but otherwise looks good. Any idea when the server will be back up and what map?
  10. Phoenix911

    I'm indifferent. Back before I learned the proper amounts to split into to prevent wasting wood/space/ore, I evenly stacked so this would have been nice. It's not needed but it's a convenience thing. I do like that a vote was posted on the forums.
  11. Phoenix911

    Here is a look at the new features/fixes being added with the update today.
  12. Phoenix911

    For those complaining, you have the freedom to walk as well...no loss on my end, less traffic would be awesome!
  13. Phoenix911

    I see no issue with it after reading these two lines: The only need for speeding is to overtake, but if you really want to drive faster, you can disable it every time you get in the car...but, now if something happens if you're caught for speeding...which is illegal...they know you knowingly and willingly violated the law...no more "sorry I didn't know"
  14. Phoenix911

    Can we at least get a vote on Duos only and no teaming outside of the duo for the next wipe? I'm fine with the wipes as is for now and the plugins, but I think that is something that def. needs to change to make the next wipe more competitive and fun after the first week.
  15. Phoenix911

    Currently in Air Force since 2005 as a Weapons Director (1C5X1D) and stationed in Japan. Been here the past 2 years, before that 1 year in Korea, 3 years in Mt. Home, Idaho, 5 years in Spangdahlem, Germany, and 1 year at Eglin AFB, FL. Next base will be Tyndall AFB, FL come December. I know we talked about it before but Elvis and my father just missed each other in the same unit in Giessen way back in the day lol. Goes to show how old Elvis is
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