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  1. I guess I'll have to flirt with Sharpe, while my K/D ratio mathematically approaches zero. Sad times. Sad times.
  2. FluffyBunny

    Can I just say I'm having flashbacks to D&D camp right now, when that one crazy kid tried to do a girls vs. boys thing?
  3. FluffyBunny

    Happy Birthday Roxy!
  4. FluffyBunny

    Nope. Just one. :-)
  5. FluffyBunny

    American Psycho Psycho Silence of the Lambs Helter Skelter A Christmas Story
  6. FluffyBunny

    I use an older Gigabyte with just an intel i7 4th generation (mediocre to antique in the i7 range) and an NVidia GTX 1080 graphics card with 8gb of dedicated ram (mediocre for a gaming machine, very good for a regular machine). I get 200 frames per second pretty consistently in COD4 at full resolution and high graphics settings. Maybe down to 120-150 on some of the more complex maps, or while I'm downloading smurf porn in the background. I think it would be about a $300-$400 machine right now used on eBay. You don't need a ton of horsepower to run COD4.
  7. FluffyBunny

  8. FluffyBunny

    Fourth Red Bush in my favorite molecule glass. First, second and third making their way through the liver as we speak. Where's that flightless bird! I need to get my flirt on.
  9. FluffyBunny

    A little surprised you were born of woman.
  10. FluffyBunny

    I'm subject to random drug testing, so I'll have to get some of my students to do that one for you. I'll offer them extra credit.
  11. FluffyBunny

    Under 2 drinks and I'm a total gentleman. Over 4 and I can't get it up anyway, so I don't bother flirting.
  12. FluffyBunny

    Delicious. The manganese gives it a perfect zing.
  13. So I've invented the perfect drink for Call of Duty, and studied its effectiveness over the last few weeks of playing freeze tag. I share with you fine folks now the results: First, the drink. You may have to improvise some of the ingredients if you're not a chemistry/physics teacher. Also, it helps to be Irish Catholic. Irish for the genetic tolerance to alcohol, and Catholic to have the training in dealing with the guilt over things you do when you drink. The property tax bill is optional. But it helps in developing the proper level of anger to maximize in-game motivation to kill people. You start by taking a tumbler glass that you just tried to make a vodka martini in but then dumped out when you realized you don't have any olives. Don't clean it. Take three shots of very good bourbon and pour over ice that's been in the freezer since the first Obama administration. Put a teaspoon of sugar in. Then two shots of bitters that have been in your cabinet for at least a year. Go to the fridge to find a lemon to rind so you can finish the old-fashioned you're trying to make, and realize you don't have any. Remember you've never had any, because you don't like lemons. Grab some orange preserves instead and, using your pinky finger as a measuring device, put the end of one finger of the preserves into the tumbler. Then a shot of Irish Whisky, to honor the ancestors. Then another shot of Irish Whisky for flavor. Stir with your pointer finger, before realizing that you haven't washed your hands since setting up a chemistry lab that uses lead and manganese compounds. Set it on top of your incredibly absurd property tax bill as a coaster, which is in turn on top of the four hours of work you have to do before class tomorrow but won't bother starting until the drink is gone. Enjoy. I named it the Dirty Old Fashioned Inbred Irishman, after myself. And attached is the summary of data I've collected on the efficacy of this beverage in game, along with some anecdotal commentary on some recurring patterns I've noticed while collecting data. Sláinte Idiots!
  14. FluffyBunny

    If this becomes a rule in some way, can it be amended with "...unless Angus is playing, in which case blocking of spawn doorways is encouraged."? It absolutely makes my day when Angus looses it over people blocking the spawn doorways. I'm not sure my life would be complete without that now.
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