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  1. Bobby Light

    That looks awesome
  2. Bobby Light

    Thank you everyone!
  3. Bobby Light

    @Millerlite2019 Lol
  4. Bobby Light

    I watched one of your vids today. I think I will have to pick it up and give it a try. Gonna have to build a team though. Seems more of a team game.
  5. Bobby Light

    Well done
  6. Bobby Light

    I will check it out man. Thanks
  7. Bobby Light

    I do the same thing. If I am not using the headset it is on the base station. I have the same problem with the connectors. You have to have the headset perfectly on the base station or else it will not charge. Super annoying.
  8. Bobby Light

    Yes. Come play. I still remember my second day on the server and the crew landing on my weak 4x4 saying come out and say hi. After storing my very precious python revolver and hazmat. I came out looking up at 3 rocket launchers pointed down on me. I was ready to accept my fate and die with honor. What happened next was not that. After a few minutes of chatting I was in TS with that exact crew. They took the time to show me literally the entire map. How to run some of the more popular monuments. We (they) blew up Bradley. After all of this they dropped me off at my base, said good luck and to jump on TS whenever I wanted. Good bunch of guys in this server. Just let us know if you need some help. It is just that easy.
  9. Bobby Light

    I have been watching some streams with this game. Is it any good?
  10. Bobby Light

    This looks good. Hopefully someone takes advantage of this.
  11. Bobby Light

    This game is super hard. I haven't played much since the hype died down. It would be better with a squad unless someone shoots another in the back(super easy to do if no one gives positions/good call outs). Also just wait until you get one tapped by the NPC's. Looting is super hard to get a hang of. If you get the game I would not take the good loot you get into the game until you learn the areas and key binds. Good luck.
  12. Trust me its a good watch LOL
  13. Bobby Light

    I am in the same boat. I have the Astro A50's but I have been looking at the Logitech G Pro X headset (better mic than the A50's). No problems with the A50's with the sound and hearing where people are at just people hearing me with call outs. The only draw back is the cost of the A50's. The G Pro X are at a decent price of $130.00 vs the A50's at $299.99. I do like them being wireless with all the volume controls on the right ear of the headset. Battery life is about 18 hrs. I will have to see what other people are also recommending.
  14. Bobby Light

    I had this problem. Thanks for asking about it. I am finally able to play some MP ?
  15. Bobby Light

    Man Eater (new). Its like Jaws Unleashed but better. You are a shark what can go wrong?
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