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  1. Graywolf

    T-Rat watch it you! lol Blackrose that is perfectly fine lol. Elvis9 that's awesome!!!
  2. Graywolf

    hey all thanks for the welcome and Loco i am a creature of the night lol
  3. Graywolf

    Little boy sitting on a curb would pop an m&m in his mouth bite a cat on the butt and move on down the curb, pop an m&m in his mouth bite the cat on the butt move on down the curb. Man walks up to him and says son what are you doing??? Little boy replys Playing truck driver. Man says what? Playing truck driver, popping pills eating pussy and moving on down the line......:D
  4. Graywolf

    Hey everybody Graywolf here! Been playing on your servers a few years now and yall did know me as |XK| Graywolf. Not really sure what goin on there but Its been a dead clan for a few yrs now and so anyways lol. I live in Levelland tx just west of Lubbock. My wife and I run a Mobile mechanic & FLat repair company called Earl's Mechanic & Tire here. Its a 100% mobile shop. We do flat repair tire installation gas diesel mechanic on anything and everything around here lol. Been in business Since Feb 20th 2018!! Yep 1 yr old and growing lol!!! In my spare time as u see jump on here and shoot least its really funny to tell ppl that when they ask what im fixing to go do i say go home and shoot people....oh the looks are priceless!!!!! lol. anyway im 38 my wife is 40 and we have 5 mutts lol im on TS with yall alot in the freeze tag servers come join me and chat if u dont like the company of the others there mute em lol come chat i like to talk lol OH OH OH OH im a sarcastic smartass with a dirty side!!! I already know i fit in LMAO See ya'll in my sites or at the boom of my nades lol Graywolf-Earl