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    Working growing my business, gaming, fishing, BBQ! (TEXAN HELLO LOL) All kinds of things

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  2. Graywolf

    Married actually LMAO
  3. Graywolf

    YYYYEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW! LOL Well a lot of you know that my wife and I run a 24/7 roadside assistance company and mobile mechanics. We have a contract with a limo company to keep a fleet of 11 up and running. Well today everyone have fun and shoot people for me lol. We have our whole fleet booked today for a fundraiser about an hr away and the owner wants us in the area just in case. Also for this event they have a friend of the limo owner outta another town booked as well...... somewhere around 25 limos will be in the area and my wife and I are the service for them!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! So wont be around 2nite to kill everyone lmao.....but gonna go get ours lmao. have fun everyone and wish us luck and pray for a great evening for us!!!
  4. Graywolf

    Happy birthday
  5. Graywolf

    lol nice
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    well she knows when her coffee gets cold lmao
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    LMAO so wrong
  9. Graywolf

    uH OH time for some to die lol
  10. Graywolf

    Another bang comes over line "sir?" he twitched
  11. Graywolf

    thats cool
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