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  1. WOW, nice to hear hear you Rescue. I hope you get back in the game.
  2. My Netflix views, 0, Zero, goose egg, nada, none, nil, naught. I feel somehow superior.
  3. Got a shiny new ice fishing rig last year and never got to use it. Disappointing but no ice, no ice fishing. The cold weather here so far this year has been very cold and ice conditions allowed me to take the rig out for it's first trip. Caught 2 nice sized walleye on the first trip out. I had low expectations so the fish were a pleasant surprise. I'm fishing on Saginaw Bay Michigan, which is part of Lake Huron, one of the 5 great Lakes.
  4. Here's a kinda real xmas tree.
  5. Good to see you on our FT server again. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Used to duck hunt a lot. Work got in the way and and I chose work. Ive shot golden eye along other diver ducks but usually hunted puddle ducks, mallard, teal, wood duck, pintail etc. Now I have mallards at my feeders ans swimming in the creek behind my house. I get to enjoy them without firing a shot.
  7. hi all,

    im Master on the FT server and im from Netherland.




    1. BlackRose


      Hello my friend great to see you here

    2. Burt(XI)


      Hi Rose - It's always a pleasure to have you playing on the FT server.

  8. Happy Birthday Seph!
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome
  11. WIN 10 creator caused me a lot of grief at work. I maintain about 20 PC's. One of the biggest issues was time. It took some machines overnight to install it. This update is very large BTW. In the control panel look at programs section. There is a link to show what MS updates have actually installed. Looking at the settings panel under updates may show the install partially done. Settings panel is buggy and will most likely be blank even though updates have been done. Google something like - Slow Windows 10 creator update or win 10 update wont install. If you are in the settings panel and the build # for the creator shows, put that in your search. I think ours was something like 1407. The event viewer may give you some idea if Creator installed or if not why. Basically for me, I found the damn thing was taking forever to install in the background and wouldnt complete. All the while, users were "using" their machines with painfully slow work.
  12. Oh yeah we filet them. They are some of the best eating fish swimming in the great Lakes. Deep Fried in a batter,.... ummmmmm
  13. Ive been out 2x in the last 10 days fishing for perch on Lake Erie near the mouth of the Detroit river. We did real well both trips. Limits of 50 each man both times. Really nice size perch in the 8" to 10" class. A lot of fun to catch and great table fare.
  14. Good Eye! Yes I was using a dropshot rig. The bait was a Yamamtoto Shad Shape. Ive got a Ranger 621 that stands up pretty well to rough water.