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  1. Burt(XI)

    A mod for which game?
  2. Burt(XI)

    Never heard of it. Is it a mod? Is the game available for D/l? COD?
  3. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday guys!
  4. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday guys!
  5. A new link with an explanation. Extensions should be working now. https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/04/the-morning-after/
  6. Burt(XI)

    happy Burtday!
  7. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday to all of you.
  8. Burt(XI)

    Happy Burtday Google
  9. Burt(XI)

    Wow, its been a long time coming. Welcome to the clan of Idiots!
  10. I dont drive I94 much, only to get to airport. I come thru your area from Ohio on US23 heading up to Au Gres quite often. With the heavy traffic there in AA, I dont understand why they have a perfectly good lane(s) closed almost all the time. Do you know WTF are they saving them for?
  11. Burt(XI)

    A belated welcome to the clan Cheyenne.
  12. Burt(XI)

    Nice to see u back Brimmy.
  13. Burt(XI)

    You'll know your accepted when Sally tells you to "Shut ur Cakehole". Nice to see you on the server.
  14. Burt(XI)

    Don't worry, you've still got this Burt!
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