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  1. I dont drive I94 much, only to get to airport. I come thru your area from Ohio on US23 heading up to Au Gres quite often. With the heavy traffic there in AA, I dont understand why they have a perfectly good lane(s) closed almost all the time. Do you know WTF are they saving them for?
  2. Burt(XI)

    A belated welcome to the clan Cheyenne.
  3. Burt(XI)

    Nice to see u back Brimmy.
  4. Burt(XI)

    You'll know your accepted when Sally tells you to "Shut ur Cakehole". Nice to see you on the server.
  5. Burt(XI)

    Don't worry, you've still got this Burt!
  6. Burt(XI)

    Happy birthday T-Rat!
  7. Burt(XI)

    Thank you all for the best wishes on my BURTDAY. Too funny Weed, I was up fishing on Lake Huron on my birthday. Heading back up next week.
  8. Burt(XI)

  9. Burt(XI)

    Im sure its fun to shoot. Best wishes for your dad. Just went through some of that with my 92 yr old FIL.
  10. Burt(XI)

    Do you use it for targets, hunting?
  11. Burt(XI)

    Looks like some fly tying hackle to me.
  12. Burt(XI)

    It looks like you had a great day on the water.
  13. James! James! James! Too cool!
  14. Burt(XI)

    God Bless you also Aqay. I had a friend who's nickname was also Pancake. Our running group would do a 15 mile training run on Sunday morning (really). The turnaround was a Mcdonalds where we got water and pit stopped. We were ready to start back and looked for Steve. He was sitting there eating an order of pancakes! He was forever more known as Pancake.