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  1. Burt(XI)

    Lifting while in prison doesnt count here Kyak
  2. Burt(XI)

    A mod for which game?
  3. Burt(XI)

    Never heard of it. Is it a mod? Is the game available for D/l? COD?
  4. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday guys!
  5. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday guys!
  6. A new link with an explanation. Extensions should be working now. https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/04/the-morning-after/
  7. Burt(XI)

    happy Burtday!
  8. Burt(XI)

    Happy Birthday to all of you.
  9. Burt(XI)

    Happy Burtday Google
  10. Burt(XI)

    Wow, its been a long time coming. Welcome to the clan of Idiots!
  11. I dont drive I94 much, only to get to airport. I come thru your area from Ohio on US23 heading up to Au Gres quite often. With the heavy traffic there in AA, I dont understand why they have a perfectly good lane(s) closed almost all the time. Do you know WTF are they saving them for?
  12. Burt(XI)

    A belated welcome to the clan Cheyenne.
  13. Burt(XI)

    Nice to see u back Brimmy.
  14. Burt(XI)

    You'll know your accepted when Sally tells you to "Shut ur Cakehole". Nice to see you on the server.
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