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  1. Burt(XI)

    Interesting stuff because use crawlers for fish bait.
  2. Burt(XI)

    Hi Outsider, Welcome to our website. Always good to see you and PsychoDad on the FT COD4 server.
  3. Burt(XI)

    Welcome Sax to our forum and our COD4 FT server.
  4. Burt(XI)

    Snow and ice WOHOO! Get out my snowmobile and head out ice fishing.
  5. Burt(XI)

    Best wishes for a fast recovery Cheyenne.
  6. Burt(XI)

    Finally being paroled?
  7. Burt(XI)

    Welcome to our clan Froggy
  8. Burt(XI)

    This sad news reminds me that my dog is part of the family. Extra treats for him tonight. Condolences.
  9. Burt(XI)

    That is great news Pete. Happy to hear it.
  10. Burt(XI)

    I really enjoy driving this rig. It handles big water well and makes it small. I can get to where i'm going pretty darn fast.
  11. Burt(XI)

    Thanks MikeB You're correct on trimming up the 15hp motor when using the main motor. Its got power trim :). I keep it down when trailering. I would think a checkmate with a 150 2st could get sketchy.
  12. Burt(XI)

    Thanks Kapt. The lower unit is original. That's the way they come painted from the Merc factory on newer large outboards.
  13. I've been spending time this year fishing out of my 2021 Ranger multi-species fishing boat. Its a Ranger 622FS, about 23' long with a Mercury 400hp engine, 15hp trolling motor, electric trolling motor, 3 Garmin fish finders plus a bunch of other stuff. Mostly use it on Lake Huron (One of the 5 Great Lakes) fishing for walleye, bass, lake trout, steelhead and salmon. It should run about 60 mph but I haven't tried it yet.
  14. Nice job on the bass and taking the kids. I love to ice fish. Mostly on Michigan lakes.
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