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  1. kage

    Cheyenne taking over sally stealing defrosts not good haha
  2. kage

    teaching other games what not to do haha
  3. kage

    happy birthday
  4. kage

    happy birthday
  5. kage

    happy birthday
  6. kage

    welcome to the forums
  7. kage

    happy birthday 50
  8. kage

    happy birthday tiger
  9. kage

    OMG when is this shit gonna end? There is always someone who bitches about something in the game. What's next The gun's? HAHAHAHA it's good fun. We all have one of them days some more then others and its unlucky all we can do is keep going on with the game and put a happy face haha
  10. kage

    kryten i no what you are on about. I was finding it hard to play not so long ago lol sometimes still do haha and it was the RPGs that i didn't like lol. So i thought if i can't beat them why not join them you might find you like them haha. The maps that will have more than one person using RPGs are small maps easy to keep people frozen till the end of the round. I do understand what you are saying i when from play with no RPGs no Grenade launcher to all weapons allowed but it is not a rule that people can't use them on the servers. But it's not the RPGs that people use its the RPDs that can shoot through everything hahaha but never mind like you said it's part of the game hahaha
  11. kage

    happy birthday boson