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  1. I should have Crash storm and overgrown done soon
  2. some nice models ya got there m8.
  3. if you're wanting to just check out a certain map with a certain mod, you can simply load the mod then open console and type devmap mp_mapname.
  4. buckkillr8

    Astro A10's. Can get them cheap on Amazon in "renewed" condition. I had to pick another set up for my son and when they came there were brand new.
  5. Ah ok, yeah I thought you were wondering how to find them.
  6. It's the same as before River Rat. Have hidden files viewable and you'll find all your maps in the usermaps folder in that path. I also have win 7 pro and steam version.
  7. Furthermore, if you have the map already, and it's in the right location you shouldn't be hanging up in server when going to it.
  8. No Merlin is talking about in the options in WAW. While in game look in options, then multiplayer options and make sure "allow downloading" is set to yes.
  9. are you all set now? Was there a usermaps folder in there?
  10. lol That's what I've been trying to tell you. The path you were looking in was wrong.
  11. You should be fine now. Maybe for some reason it wasn't creating a usermaps folder and was hanging you up when downloading a map.
  12. Yes my version is steam. If a usermaps folder is not there all you have to do is create one. Right click, new folder, name it usermaps.
  13. Just take all those map folders and go to the location below, and place them in the usermaps folder. If a usermaps folder isnt there create one.
  14. from mp_13_townville down is right, it just needs to be in the path explained above. They don't go in the path you have displayed.
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