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  6. Well its been a long journey, and its back to normal again. I think steam backed up some old maps that made a conflict with loading or something. Thank you for your patients. Ya know I've been a XI member for 15 years. Ever since COD 2 was released in 2005. I don't think I could have solved this on my own. Its still fussy with errors from time to time when switching maps but no big deal. Its expected. Now on to downloading 300 maps, but with an m.2 drive its really fast. Again thank you Merlin and Buckkilla.
  7. One more thing. Would you delete contents in usermaps or just delete usermaps folder completely?
  8. No not yet, but it sure sounds like your on the right track. Its like it wants to launch, but can't. I'll let you know.
  9. I'm using Windows Defender only. Also checked firewall apps to allow access to All my COD games no issue I see there. But come to think about it I never had any issues when using my old IPS free Charter security. Hmm. So what do you think is best, uninstall Punkbuster or delete folder. my specs are : Windows 10 64fbit intel 9900k Asus heroXI mb RTX 2080ti hydro 1tb m.2 32gb corsair ram
  10. Would this be punkbuster issue. Maybe update or uninstall?
  11. Well I gave up on the Steam version and went back to CD version. Did all the patches, It wanted a new Profile name, did that. Extracted all the maps into { usemaps } and the exact same behavior. No difference. Will not connect to the next map. You know how you see 3 sets of green bars zip across the next map. Well it gets to the third and it get to about 10% and freezes. Or no green bars at all. I'm stumped. Actually after my new build it played excellent. Then out of nowhere its starts doing this. Its like really trying to reach the usermaps file but can't. So lets uninstall the CD version and reinstall Steam version to see what happen now. The exact same damn thing. All custom maps have been extracted into the usermaps file. Now what. I'm thinking its a console command that's out of wack. All my other Steam game work fine.
  12. I check my file and it dose show {ace, cod5knifexi, cod5test, xi_wawmw_ctf, and xidmace. in mods folder.
  13. The one thing that is missing is the mod selection in multiplayer options is {blank}. No Acemod or anything. Also check firewall option. Its set to allow WaW. and all other games I play to allow. Now on Windows game options, tried game mode on and off, no difference, running razer software which runs in the back ground, always connect to their server. turned that off. No difference.



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