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  1. only tough can survive and I know u win
  2. ReaPeR

    wont work with 100 watt psu
  3. ReaPeR

    wwwhile yell u twat waffle
  4. ReaPeR kinda looking at this one.
  5. ReaPeR

    ok im also looking at monitor and im looking at 144hz 27 inch my big question what more important 4ms ips screen or 1 ms tn?
  6. ReaPeR

    well if u know what video card using amd go with freesynce if NVidia go with g-synce monitor. try to get 144mhz and 2ms refresh rate
  7. 2 part question . 1.0 why do people play when u got use a hack ? make ur self feel good for cheating? 2.) why why why do people play freeze tag when they not willing to defrost ,but bitch when they r not defrosted or it my game and ill play the way I want to. that's fine but it a team game and if ur not will to help defrost or make a real effort don't expect to get defrosted back. just my 2 cents .im in bitch mood so . not point finger if u fill this is toward u in anyway it not but if u think that got look at your game play then.
  8. all the girl players cus they talk more shit then guys and then back it up. it funny when u get called a twat waffle "giggles" saying!
  9. ReaPeR

    looks great and I made a run to mcdonalds
  10. ReaPeR

  11. ReaPeR

    prayers have gone out and hope u get it fixed .need cut out the sodium . I too had high Bp and high heart rates. hope it all goes well .
  12. ReaPeR

    happy birthday all even if u r old.
  13. ReaPeR

    zowie za11 works great simple no special driver it just works
  14. ReaPeR

    Dos-Sacos doesn't always use c4 but when he does thing go boom!
  15. ReaPeR

    Happy New Years!!!!!! and good health to all.