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  1. ReaPeR

    here in ohio olny way kid can go to school with out it vac r religious or medical condition. im talking about babies and children vacs. which where all new at one time and unproven. technology alot better now than way back then.
  2. ReaPeR

    all i know is vac help u not get as sick u dont spend 2-3 weeks in icru or long enless u die... as far companies well to option u get vac and help company save money by insurance or opt out of insurnance if u get covid u pay out pocket. plus long term effect people that r say 35 years old got covid now got heart problem and cant work and will be on SS for rest of their lifes who paying that ... simple just get damn vacc.. u need it to go to school .. at one time all vacc where unproven..
  3. ReaPeR

    big boost to windows 11 will be if u have new cpu that has the big dot little dot core design.
  4. ReaPeR

  5. ReaPeR

    why cheat ? if u got cheat just proves u have no skill and is a sore loser.
  6. ReaPeR

    i had both shot of phzire and only thing i got was sore arm felt fine.
  7. ReaPeR

    make sure u got latest drivers for ur wifi card.
  8. ReaPeR

    they goona remake the transformers.. the tranfomergender transform im a girl trans form now im a boy trans form shit i got stuck in between now i dont know what the fuck i am. ... just be who u r ,too ur self.
  9. my son loves SteelSeries QcK+ i hear this is really good but havnt tried it. Corsair MM350 Champion Series i seen some big one where they put keyboard on top of it and use the mouse pad coming out from keyboard
  10. ReaPeR

    just got ne hd and installed windows 10 seems to fix blackops just played 5 maps with out crashing.
  11. ReaPeR

    i got it but constantly crashes on windows 7. and i tried every thing from scan repair to -d11 fix to make game above normal priority. if lucky i get 1 or 2 maps in some time it crashes on start up just so random. and yes i got latest driver for 1070 which is like just 5 days ago lol
  12. ReaPeR

    either one one be great .. but if u u getting new amd process then do the radeon . amd has better hardware but nvidia drivers r usually better..and verys between games some game leans one way other leeans toward others..
  13. ReaPeR

    looks really good..if u come across a good pizza sauce thats not to sweet . plz share. u got my 2 thumbs up.
  14. ReaPeR

    https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/5614180 my poor scores
  15. ReaPeR

    merry xmas all
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