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  1. ReaPeR

    u know who many hour that friends got him threw he will be missed.
  2. ReaPeR

    Happy B-Day
  3. ReaPeR

    i like how it says prod me and poke me lol
  4. ReaPeR

    ok all u might notice ive log on and off alot latelty cus 10 -20 mins r my limits before i get major neck and shoulder arm pain . my c5-c6-c7 r compressed and narrowing . so i take many breaks but im so board i keep coming back even with pain i sleep like 2 hr at most at time then wake up with feels like my arm being ripped off. i awaiting mri approve the got me schedual for injections but thats not till march second . even morphine shot wore off within 2 hours.so if u wounder why i keep coming and going this is why .
  5. well there u go shit just hit the fan.. lol congratz
  6. ReaPeR

    how long have i been here?
  7. was 60 in northern ohio yesterday , today rainy turnning to snow they say 34f now
  8. ReaPeR

    was cheering for both i want 49ers to win cus fan since joe montana but want to see andie ried get his ring. so it really didnt matter.
  9. well it burnt sugar. burn steak it be hard and crust to .lol burnt is burnt.
  10. ReaPeR

  11. ReaPeR

    yeah thats what he has also after the surgery they talking about a shunt i think it is to releive the pressure i dont know if this is option or not.i wish u and ur family best of luck in this hard time . r prayers r with u and duaghter and baby.
  12. ReaPeR

    thats hard thing to choose .. is it becouse of the meds? i know my son has had 2 brain surgery past year for brain tumor he on 2 diffrent pressur meds his eye was papademia +4 his meds r diamox/topamax
  13. ReaPeR

    make sure u psu not haveing voltage drops. voltage drop can cus memory error and hd errors. and they can randomly happen.
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