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  1. ReaPeR

    match be hosted on cod 4 then?
  2. ReaPeR

    wow lots traveling what do u do? nice to see the states and get paid for it .lol
  3. did u try reinstalling?
  4. ReaPeR

    sure u didt for the vr porn ...lol
  5. ReaPeR

    search for mods folder then it should have all diff mods u have played. can be into diff locations do windows and user permissions .so search ur whole "c" hd make sure u got to see hidden folders on.
  6. ReaPeR

    kewl but I don't own cod5
  7. what kinda Ferrari was it? looks fun.
  8. ReaPeR

    shotty and knifes on small maps might be cool?.. if 3vs 3 knifes and shootys I call randall and turk lol:)
  9. can we make it off limit for top of hardware store . where anrtennas r. it almost impossible kill people when hidin behind the stuff on roof let alone it not easy to get up their if u cant get there by mahjority of people with out standing ladder to hop to aircondition and all the other bs . it shouldn't be im sure it wasn't ment to be.let alone when they put a turret up there. just me bitchin and my 2 cents . lol
  10. ReaPeR

    ubereats pick up at timmah.
  11. ReaPeR

    ddr3 u looking for or u have that much and looking for more. make sure what ur motherboard can handle
  12. ReaPeR

    I mostly use saritch combat medic hardline armour pieceing
  13. ReaPeR

    shit when did they start letting in noobs .. high u idiot . have fun.
  14. ReaPeR

    try to main defrost while u get better . just be useful to ur team. use ur spawn protect to defrost . don't pull ur gun right way. also whats ur load outs.
  15. to me it seem like it zoomed in. im used to having wide view . also im playing on old 19 monitior hrz is 1680 x1050 if that make a diff
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