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  1. problem is if like half leave then ur playing like 3 vs 3 instead of 8 vs 8 and all honesty low number then cause other to leave.
  2. I vote by saying yes or no but I don't have a key set to vote in the actual key vote . in mod settings. jester
  3. I was about to say did icequeen make that for you
  4. only time I suggest map rotation or skipping if it killing the server . if u go from 30-20 people to 9 theres a problem.
  5. when I been on it been fine im in ohio.change or add anything new like antivirus or firewall vpn. or r u wireless getting interference . usually it on isp end if u havnt done anything.
  6. u se indoor hd antenna for locals and iptv vaders service for everything else.
  7. BOOBS
  8. Raven!!!! you should of told him ill help u for 1 condition not more c4 purses:)
  9. yeah not hot enuff I had mad dog 357 not bad pretty good calhoon I think it was based in ohio, daves insanity.
  10. looking for super hot hot sauce that taste good . not extract actually sauce. some peppers r just hot but im looking for flavor as well heat . I had ghost pepper sauce not bad but need more flavor heat was ok scoripion triandad was hotter . only had one reaper sauce which was hot but not alotta flavor I can handle the reaper but it needs more flavor.
  11. keep up the good work soldier.
  12. with cod4 and all mod can I get ip list of all server for cod4 and port ty.
  13. tools for tv iptv kodi best entertainment setup that be cool
  14. congratz. I just wish I had more tags and medals I feel naked but wait that might be a good thing .
  15. welcome . but now u all the clan personal favors