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  1. ReaPeR

    r server in Washington d.c.? I didn't know that. plus nice speeds
  2. ReaPeR

    1 question .. where the f**** r my slices
  3. ReaPeR

    all these speed test u all should do test to area r server is to see what u get going to that area.
  4. hmm what does it do ? also make the icon little smaller hard to see if there r enemies coming up.
  5. can we maybe change up the toxic grenade make it fire and instead of green smoke make it orange and it burns? also how about toxic or napalam mine just interesting in something new.
  6. ReaPeR

    iClan night (v°1.1) (CoD4) look nice sky in this map .
  7. ReaPeR

    mad dog now u want hot sauces or food additive concerntraits. caralina reaper is the hottest pepper .
  8. not sure if possible but if there 2 versions of the car defroster get at 3 kills .. bomb car would get at 5 kills might be idea.maybe bunny hopping when shooting get little more gun sway I like mod so im fine .
  9. I like to see stealth not block mechanical items like clay and mines . it take out defense totally.flak jacket can take to tubes and survive alittle to strong. tube should have alonger reload time. big one not sure if can be fixed when spawning out protection u can shoot right away.other then that I love it . like to see a new nuke slash game changer. a nuke that could defrost .
  10. ReaPeR

    ahh he died in 2015.
  11. ReaPeR

    prays for u and family . definitely know what ur going threw. alotta stress . best wishes and prayers for speed recovery.
  12. ReaPeR

    update last Friday they had to go back in and cus he had spinal fluid pressure and had to drill a hole from left to right side to see if it will drain . if not this coming Friday they do another mri and if not right they got put a shunt in . thanks for the prayers game help keep my mind off stuff.
  13. ReaPeR

    ty u all .. know for my birthday I want a new Back ..lol
  14. I also notice if u make slow subttle change people might not notice and slow get to where it better with out 1 huge change?
  15. polls would be good things like top 3 thing out 5-10 thing people wants and out those 3 win what and how should be changed maybe? so not to much to do list keep it simple.
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