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  1. LilMord

    thank you guys for the birthday wishes
  2. LilMord

    hiya welcome back i hope ill knife you again...
  3. LilMord

    i have
  4. LilMord

    thank you you guys are awesome even roxy.
  5. LilMord

    oh guys mod is our friend so you might see him play on the server
  6. LilMord

  7. LilMord

    im back to xi now i wont leave anymore i will stay.
  8. LilMord

    mikzzona your a great player..
  9. LilMord

    aw so sweet
  10. LilMord

    hey guys how are you guys
  11. LilMord

    @FUNky that's so funny lol
  12. LilMord

    @BlackRose thank you you are really helpful..
  13. LilMord

  14. LilMord

    im sorry guys
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