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  1. DawnMC16

    Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. I can't wait to grow in this community.
  2. DawnMC16

    Mainly rust but I just got the forest the other day and I've been loving it. I also have pubg and apex.
  3. DawnMC16

    Hello and thank you so much
  4. DawnMC16

    Thank you everyone it's nice to see and active and welcoming community
  5. DawnMC16

    This looks awesome
  6. DawnMC16

    Happy birthday
  7. DawnMC16

    Happy birthday
  8. DawnMC16

    Happy birthday
  9. DawnMC16

    Congratulations she's adorable
  10. DawnMC16

    Wow these games look cool I'll check them out and get back to you
  11. DawnMC16

    Hey I'm Dawn I'm 24 years old. I just recently switch to pc after playing pubg mobile competitively. I had been watching rust videos on YouTube for awhile and I happened upon the XI server while looking for an easier server to solo while my work schedule was crazy for the holidays. I've met some really cool people and I look forward to meet more of you.
  12. DawnMC16

    Those damn penguins
  13. DawnMC16

    Lmao me at work
  14. DawnMC16

    That would terrify me



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