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  1. ShadowLady

    Happy birthday!
  2. ShadowLady

    Thank you! 50 isn’t that bad... yet lol!
  3. ShadowLady

    Happy early birthday Timmah! lmao!
  4. ShadowLady

    I left milk and cookies out last night for Willie Nelson
  5. ShadowLady

    Nice to see you back!
  6. ShadowLady

    Sorry for your loss
  7. ShadowLady

    Looking back at my original post in this thread, I do not recall naming an admin/mod. To claim that I have done that is not accurate. The forums are here to have ADULT conversation about topics. I had said to you in the shoutbox (when you replied to my post thus naming yourself) that there has been an ongoing occurrence of map pushing with poorly run votes and it was the "straw that broke my back" to paraphrase . My original post was made rashly, but I am entitled to speak my mind. The map changing/jumping is becoming a more common practice. I could have lead with that as the general statement, but the latest occurrence was what I was focused on. I accepted your apology, but the topic still needed to be discussed and a clear rule put out for all to follow. My experience was map changing was frowned upon and if anyone wanted to play, we played. The maps are placed in rotation for a reason. There are clan members who invest their time in finding,making, and running maps and if that's how they want them to run, I'm playing them that way. (Mind you, there are some maps that are not suitable if not enough numbers and I can understand skipping if players agree ). Being an admin/mod isn't always a cake walk, and you can't please all the people all the time. In your eagerness to be helpful, you missed my in game messages as you were focused elsewhere...it happens and you're only human. I've never had a problem with you Crimson, and I don't have a problem with you now. I have a problem with map changing in general and crappy voting methods in particular. I'm generally quite quiet in the forums over the past years, but I am entitled to speak up about issues. Hopefully there can be a clear guideline for all to follow in regards to map changes and procedure. -Shadow
  8. ShadowLady

    Many moons ago, when I was an admin, it would be frowned opon to change a map if anyone was protesting.
  9. I'm very upset that the map was changed while some of the players were enjoying it! Doing a passive "if 7 people are in spec" when playing members are voicing to continue with map is not a proper vote. If we're going to be skipping maps then the vote option should be enabled. I have to put up with run and gun maps all the time without complaint, and something with a challenge like trees and bushes gets skipped? Things sure have changed at >XI< for admins and mods!
  10. ShadowLady

    RIP 2cuteSue
  11. ShadowLady

    Tried a reboot..then a system restore and no luck... I'll have to try following that link Kaptin....I have to work the next couple of nights so I won't get back to try until Monday or Tuesday...ill keep you posted with my luck! Thank you folks for your suggestions...fingers crossed!
  12. ShadowLady

    I don't use steam...but ill try another reboot
  13. Hi there, I've been trying to get into the XI servers I have saved in my favourites, and none of them have been showing "ping" since yesterday.....I'm not computer friendly and hoping someone may have a suggestion for me...refreshing doesn't help, I can't find XI servers when I look under the Internet as a source.........I can see there are presently 30 people in the server from the website, but my favourites does not refresh to show that. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time....Shadow
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