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  1. I do not understand how damage works in this game. I have no interest learning how to mod this game but realize I may have to understand some modding principles in order to understand some things. I am willing to PAY SOMEONE FOR THIER TIME to explain some items in this game. I would like to know what is possible. I have a programming / software engineer background but have not done any game programming. Some questions: How damage is calculated in the game per weapon? What is the damage range of the weapons? Is all damage able to be 'modded'? Are there config files or compiled code that does all this? If you don't know how any of this works, or are just 'Google'ing shit - I am not interested. I want to PAY YOU for your time explaining how damage works and some other items. I do not want to start from scratch learning how to mod this game in order to just understand a few things. Especially on the main server, I often hit people 2 or 3 times and do not kill them. This happens even if I use Stopping Power Perk - which doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Then when some people are on, they kill everyone in one shot. Watch some like Sharpe when they are playing well sometime, EVERY SINGLE bullet is killing in one hit - not just head shots. What is going on? Some kind of weird RNG? Are there some configuration of perks that do this? I think as long as we have all played this now, this information should be available to everyone. If you are interested PM me and we will talk about payment and timing. We'll discuss what you are able to show me and some of the requirements I would like to get out of a meeting. I am pretty busy during the week so it will have to be evening Pacific time or on the weekend sometime. Thank you.
  2. I am in the Seattle / Tacoma area of Washington state. I usually get 98 - 104 on main. I was getting pretty stable 50 on the new server. The hit registration was freaking amazing. Seemed like that was the case for all of us. All of us were hitting more head shots and generally killing each other quicker. None of the 'shooting through targets' that I sometimes get on the main server. I loved it. I originally played for years in the Midwest with a 40 - 50 ping. So the improved ping 'felt' great and I was doing amazing. I never knew ping made such a difference (I suspected). Play a game on the main server then jump to the west server - it is like a night and day difference you can feel immediately. I think some of the west coasters would destroy everyone if we had pings reversed with the east coasters. I finally have an excuse for playing shitty nowadays. Can't be that I'm getting old and not as good as I once was right? ,,|,,
  3. Ruthless

    Senior IT manager for a state agency - previously a software engineer - which I may go back to. Management is often boring... I am only a manager again because I hate working for dipshits and IT tends to attract a lot of bad managers. Or rather IT attracts people who want to be in management that have no business being there. I manage many introverts and interact with people that can be very 'sensitive'. I have to be Politically Correct at all times and always watch what I say. Than can be difficult. That is why I enjoy playing on an adult server and I am an asshole most of the time in-game - to let it all out. FU all. I don't mean it personally and I love you all. As hard as it is to believe, I am actually a nice person in real life and good to work with / for.
  4. Ruthless

    I've heard of you - I think... You keep practicing and one day you might be ok. You seem like a dysfunctional idiot like the rest of us.
  5. Ruthless

    Damn sorry to hear... BBB was the nicest A$$hole you could find. He is one of the people you can't forget the sound of his voice yelling at you and talking shit even years later. It was great playing with him and your family for years with my B30 / PSI brothers BeerGoat (previously WarGod) and Beer_Clown. My condolences to you and your family LBB. Rest in peace BBB.
  6. It is great people have been helping put together map rotations. iBrock and Hotrod should be banned permanently though after putting together this one.
  7. Ruthless

    Nice to meet you Bamm. You are a good player and starting to climb the rankings higher and higher each time you play. So I feel compelled to say - FU you pain in the ass!
  8. I can help too. Just come on to the main server and tell us to get off to help you. Evenings after 5 Pacific / 7 Central.
  9. Ruthless

    Welcome Tony. ASS COCK!!! I'm pretty sure you were a professional fluffer in a former life right? See you at Waffle House.
  10. Tubes are hilarious. I want to give a shout out to the fucker who started me using those ridiculous things @YACCster (AKA pinglo back in those days). He used blow the shit out of everyone with tubes and get everyone riled up. If you can't beat them, join them type of thing. Like Sharpe said, use the flak jacket. They nullify the tubes and if I get a person or two live through a good tubing, I'll just switch to something else. A lot of times I get killed tubing because I'm too close to people. That is why I jump backwards away from people with and get kills. The bunny hopping tube shots truly are the greatest. Try tubing sometime. Its harder than it looks to fire those things in windows and across the map like that. That is why they are truly called 'skill cannons'. PS ,,|,, to the guy that rhymes with asshatoshi
  11. I'm retarded and bad - thank you for confirming.
  12. I absolutely hate the jump height reduction. The character feels fat as fuck now. Maybe its my imagination but it felt like it has already been implemented today. I didn't download any new files but when I started a map today it sure seemed like the changes were in place. I know everyone bitches about bunny hopping but there is a reason servers that can bunny hop are more populated than the stupid ones that take away the gun when you jump. If people are so fucking hurt about getting shot while jumping, then just go ahead and take away the gun when you jump and give us even more of jump. At least it is a compromise. Feels sluggish and slower. Muscle memory is a hell of thing when you've played a game this long. You get a feel for how a character moves and jumps. I can't wait until seeing all the tough jumps on roofs and such are impossible now because of this change. Limiting the vertical even more than it already is in this game. I'll play it some more to test the changes more but it sucked so far. ,,|,,
  13. The emp blindness lasts too long. I could see keeping the electronics (killstreaks) disabled for that long but keeping the screen fuzzy for 20 seconds is over powered.
  14. The attack car's health. Not sure what is going on but when I run around with an attack car I get destroyed immediately when someone shoots at me. But I don't seem to be able to do the same when a car approaches me. Even when I hit it. Are people getting headshots on my car or something in order to kill it immediately? The ones I drive around seem weak.
  15. The car kill streak issue. Where it seems really slow and often you seem to die when you are in the car (usually a black screen). Also the explosions seem extremely powerful. Like everyone has sonic boom or something (I actually have never tried using Sonic boom to see if it gets really ridiculous but may tonight while tubing everyone). We've seen it to where a grenade will kill two people that appear far from each other. I concede though that because of the way it moves you when you die, it may also just be an a side-effect of dying (maybe it moves you further than where you were and I didn't notice the original spot accurately).
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