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  1. Ruthless

    Tubes are hilarious. I want to give a shout out to the fucker who started me using those ridiculous things @YACCster (AKA pinglo back in those days). He used blow the shit out of everyone with tubes and get everyone riled up. If you can't beat them, join them type of thing. Like Sharpe said, use the flak jacket. They nullify the tubes and if I get a person or two live through a good tubing, I'll just switch to something else. A lot of times I get killed tubing because I'm too close to people. That is why I jump backwards away from people with and get kills. The bunny hopping tube shots t
  2. I'm retarded and bad - thank you for confirming.
  3. I absolutely hate the jump height reduction. The character feels fat as fuck now. Maybe its my imagination but it felt like it has already been implemented today. I didn't download any new files but when I started a map today it sure seemed like the changes were in place. I know everyone bitches about bunny hopping but there is a reason servers that can bunny hop are more populated than the stupid ones that take away the gun when you jump. If people are so fucking hurt about getting shot while jumping, then just go ahead and take away the gun when you jump and give us even more of jump.
  4. The emp blindness lasts too long. I could see keeping the electronics (killstreaks) disabled for that long but keeping the screen fuzzy for 20 seconds is over powered.
  5. The attack car's health. Not sure what is going on but when I run around with an attack car I get destroyed immediately when someone shoots at me. But I don't seem to be able to do the same when a car approaches me. Even when I hit it. Are people getting headshots on my car or something in order to kill it immediately? The ones I drive around seem weak.
  6. The car kill streak issue. Where it seems really slow and often you seem to die when you are in the car (usually a black screen). Also the explosions seem extremely powerful. Like everyone has sonic boom or something (I actually have never tried using Sonic boom to see if it gets really ridiculous but may tonight while tubing everyone). We've seen it to where a grenade will kill two people that appear far from each other. I concede though that because of the way it moves you when you die, it may also just be an a side-effect of dying (maybe it moves you further than where you were an
  7. You are a true software engineer... BTW, If no one told you before - thank you for the work you put into this mod. You're right, everyone here probably has no idea of who you are. I don't. I only vaguely remember you from years ago when I was playing and you first created the MW2 mod. It was cool as shit and has given life to this old ass game over the years. As much as we hate to admit it, the game will die out eventually (like my beloved UT2k4). There will probably be a few that will always play but many of us have come and gone over the years of playing. I even took a 5 year break pla
  8. I did not think the shortened time was a good idea at first but after playing it seems ok. I would be in favor of either way. The protection after kill streaks was (and still is somewhat) very powerful. You could chain multiple kill streaks together and get anywhere on the map you wanted without any way to stop you. Pootie demonstrated the power of this with his 3 cars he always takes into overtime. He is probably one of the best strategic players in overtime because of the way he chain streaks together and uses them to locate everyone. Often he has thaw cars (that apparently don't blow
  9. Ruthless

    He might as well be in the clan, the servers are in his basement with that 11 ping he gets. ,,|,,
  10. Ruthless

    Welcome shit bird!
  11. Ruthless

    Welcome ass-hat!
  12. Alright fuck this thread. People just bitching about other shit as well - write your own damn thread. Do we want to make comments anymore about the mod or how to improve it? Seems like that is a BIG FUCKING NO -- ROGER. I didn't whine - wasn't bitching - just bringing up an issue and giving a possible solution. That was all. It was not supposed to be a fucking bitch thread. I did not want that and if you read what I wrote I don't think it was. I was just trying to point on an imbalance. I thought I laid out the case that the perk is useless and is not used much by anyone and a poss
  13. @FunkyJosh>XI< the problem is that Hardline does not prevent EMP blindness - where the screen goes fuzzy. That is the worst part and there is no counter. As Hoth mentioned it just makes you sit there and waste time. I realize it is a slippery slope of wanting this and that and not liking this or that. I would ask this though - how many people use Stealth now? It is not that many because every other perk is so much stronger for some reason or another. There is actually a reason to use different perks now such as Heist and Hacker and reasons to change sometimes - which in the past was
  14. I run Hardwired a lot and it doesn't seem to attenuate anything like that. Same emp spam shit everywhere.
  15. I think Stealth is underpowered. I don't know anyone who uses it that plays much. I understand not wanting to defeat all clays and Bettys while running but how about giving it some EMP blindness immunity to at least make the perk better. If you kept the slow moving stealth the same but gave it some EMP blindness immunity it wouldn't overpower the perk and also give some counter to the endless EMP spam that we run into each map. There is just no counter to EMP blindness. People like Midget, Pete, and Others use those seemingly defensive mines at offensive weapons throwing it into opposing



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