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  1. price

    what about strafes to move faster? is it a blanket ban on them or just to get to advantageous positions
  2. If anything weapon balances as there are a few that reign supreme, overall pretty content with the state of the mod
  3. Ehh, you’re not gonna see as many longer rounds or crazy comebacks, yeah I use the extra 6 seconds to get into position, but if I use my 9 to get out of spawn, go prone, call an rcxd, then use the additional 6 to move somewhere, unless the map is tiny it’s still generally central. Changing it is gonna turn it into a frontlines game mode where people just stay as far up as they can before their protection runs out
  4. mate i think a few more than 19 kids have gotten shots, i think your source is a bit off
  5. I only respond to @Roxy!and sometimes hotrod and pete, small fry like you dont matter rob
  6. price

    damn nice setup
  7. price

  8. price

    hell yes
  9. i caught brain rot from this thread
  10. comparing yourself to Einstein and Tesla? lmao.
  11. huh well now i gotta try this thing out if its that good lmao
  12. price

    Happy Easter all
  13. gonna interfere with my style though...
  14. price

    yeah the game tried to run it before I could download MW2
  15. price

    RESOLVED thanks to all that helped youre real ones
  16. price

    did that fix your PB issues too? or did you not have those, I tried to direct download PB and replace that file but it still doesnt like what Im doing
  17. price

    Just had to hard reset my computer and as of now I cant downgrade to COD 4 1.7 to play freezetag, and punkbuster wont re download as well. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated
  18. price

    yall pay taxes?
  19. price

    not sure youll get that last one from him...



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