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  1. Stopping power. and its not hard to see people, they look out of place in 98% of maps. I put a bullet in almost everything that looks out of place and typically its a person, Saritech has no aim sway so its extremely easy to tap people from across the map. I think its a bigger skill and connection and computer difference than any "binds or cheats"
  2. price

    what about strafes to move faster? is it a blanket ban on them or just to get to advantageous positions
  3. If anything weapon balances as there are a few that reign supreme, overall pretty content with the state of the mod
  4. Ehh, you’re not gonna see as many longer rounds or crazy comebacks, yeah I use the extra 6 seconds to get into position, but if I use my 9 to get out of spawn, go prone, call an rcxd, then use the additional 6 to move somewhere, unless the map is tiny it’s still generally central. Changing it is gonna turn it into a frontlines game mode where people just stay as far up as they can before their protection runs out
  5. mate i think a few more than 19 kids have gotten shots, i think your source is a bit off
  6. I only respond to @Roxy!and sometimes hotrod and pete, small fry like you dont matter rob
  7. price

    damn nice setup
  8. price

  9. i caught brain rot from this thread
  10. comparing yourself to Einstein and Tesla? lmao.
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