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  1. Hi! thans for the reply!. Of course, i tried contact to icey, but unfortunally i dont have a contact or mail or way to do a contact with him, thats why i posted here. of course, i will credit to Icey for all map, i just want made a port to be able to play this awsome map in Cod Waw, i dont want any credit by that, and is not my intention. and yes, it would be nice that Icey has the files for made this in a easy way, cause if i dont have the caulks, and some elements, to start, its going to be hard. And, with Cod Waw maps modding, am not an expert, just a simple player who wants play this map with friends in Waw. So, yes, i hope he can contact here in forums, or maybe someone has an mail or contact to Icey and we can talk about it. Thanks for your interest, i really hope this can be done.
  2. Hello all!. MP_thebridge2011 from Icey map is one of the best maps, i played before. But i did not found this map for Cod Waw anywhere, so i can imagine is not converted or porting for this map to Cod Waw. I would like to make a port from Icey`s mp_thebridge2011 map, wiche is done for COD4 for COD WAW version playable in OW. Dont know if the port of this map can be done, but i would like have some help to start with. So, if you can help me, would be great. if Icey reads this post, i hope, you can help with this. Thanks all in advandce.
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