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  1. Being

    Not a huge coldplay fan but this one hits the feels
  2. Being

    Fuck you, you sad sick fucking lowlife dreg. Fuck your second amendment when innocent children are being murdered so your politicans can can continue to spew their bullshit and fucking retarded lowlifes like you can suck it up because you dont have even close to the intelligence to figure it out. you absolute fucking grub. From the bottom of my heart I truly hope that next week or the week after when this happens again, because it will, you are the one in the crosshairs. cunt.
  3. Being

    The thing I saw most from this is that seppos are proper chonky, you all need to lay off the maccas or something
  4. Were petrol prices not getting bad during covid anyways? The situation in Ukraine has only added a few cents for me here in Australia. Think we are averaging about $1.85 which is still maybe the highest ever. Trouble is that it never seems to go back down regardless of the temporary reason it goes up.
  5. Lmao. Laszio gets himself owned. Maybe he will quietly crawl back under his rock. Can only hope
  6. He defo aint the sharpest tool in the shed.
  7. Being

    You been watching since the last Mrs. Hotness? That one is or was a Playboy model or something similar. Can only hope that Vicky goes the same way.
  8. I'm hoping he will be taken care of by one of his own. Them billionaires cant be liking having their money fucked with.
  9. Being

    So much deep fried goodness making me hungry, luckily I am currently flooded in. No deep fried anything for me.
  10. Being

    Barron, I will attempt to stfu. Cant make any promises though
  11. Being

    I take it you're still pissy because you didnt want to get vaccinated and suffered some fairly minor consequences for your actions. Who's driven by hatred? me? Not even close. I will admit that i find whiney people like you mildly annoying and mildly amusing. You think you're standing for freedom, You think you're standing for all. I think you're a turnip. None of which really means anything. I hope you had fun playing on your tractors
  12. Being

    Sad to hear Storm. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong
  13. Being

    Wildthing, always good value
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