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  1. Such sad news, He will be missed by so many people. My thoughts are with his family in the hard days ahead. RIP Dadda.
  2. Being

    American - Yank - Septic tank - Seppo Makes perfect sense
  3. This by far would have the most impact on making the server a better place for everyone. Nothing knocks the fun out of the game for me more having to listen to asshats calling everyone a hacker/lagger every time they get shot. Especially when they get on the website and admit to messing with their settings to deliberately lag. There is a huge difference between the normal banter on the server, people putting shit on each other, and the consistent bitching of some players repeating the same shit every single time they play.I don't understand why they even bother playing. This would be awesome if it is even possible to do.... I think the mod overall is good, better than it has ever been. Don't mess with it too much.
  4. Being

    Lmao, This post could literally be written about @TheHammer ?. Too funny
  5. Being

    Happy birthday Hoth ?
  6. Cool, any chance the max ping can be upped so us poor folk in 'straya can have a game. Havent played that mod in forever
  7. Being

    Happy Birthday
  8. Being

    Happy birthday Nitro
  9. Being

    98.9 in western Sydney today. too damn hot
  10. I've had g35's for a few years still perfect and the sound is excellent in game . Next set I get tho is definitely gonna be cordless tho. damn cord is so annoying
  11. Being

    Awesome!!! Cheers guys
  12. Being

    Happy birthday Blaze
  13. Being

    Do you have to be a member to post links? doesn't seem to work for me
  14. So where would I find this 'great power' thing I couldn't see it on ebay



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