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  1. welcome Nacho
  2. happy bday m8 and have a good one
  3. Beta sign up: Gameplay footage:
  4. happy bday Merlin
  5. not sure if freeze tag can handle all the custom stuff that comes around the corner to make the mod. as i understood the freeze tag mod cant handle the detailed custom maps ?
  6. well can go both ways m8, but seeing the amouth of response on the new map i get the idea that cod5 is declining in general , i knew that already for bit with the last maps i made but still the response here was great so that makes it worth making new maps for the XI servers, but if the responses stay away from the people playing on the cod5 servers, then im not sure if they still interested in new maps. dont get me wrong, i love mapping and will continue do so just not sure atm for cod 5
  7. @2_MANY_BEERS and @spinpuppywould love this i think if there's enough interest ill help u with mapping
  8. atm in a bit of a split seeing there's not much interest in new cod 5 maps. perhaps make some cod4 maps instead. ive put this one on hold for a bit.
  9. Me and my mapping buddy ( who works at Crytek) were wondering if there would be interest in new cod4 custom maps. With the rapidly declining interest it seems in the latest cod5 map i posted it seems that there's no interest in cod5 maps atm. to not waste my time completely and still wanna provide the community with new maps we were wondering how the interest would be here in cod4 maps. if so, what kinda maps would u like to see.
  10. the first one was awesome, hope the 2nd one is aswell
  11. ye the thing is that the mod and mapping tools are connected to it. but all ok, already made backup from the profile folder and i saved that generator that fixed it this time.
  12. i found a different solution and its fixed. In one of the youtube vids i found there was a fix with a profile generator specially made to fix this waw glitch. Have tried everything else so i gave this one a go and followed the vid, and what ya know, it worked! back to mapping again
  13. got a slight problem, my ssd got fuked so had to get a new one, now my original cod games are installed on a diff drive so nothing lost except my online profile. now im trying to create a online profile and it just isnt working. I saw on google there some issues with it but havent found one that actually fixes it. Reinstalling the game isnt a option for me since its connected to the mapping and modding tools. Anyone able to help out ? Basicly i have the same issues as this guy in the video.
  14. seems not much interest anymore for cod 5 maps