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  1. When mp_nuke came on, everyone's game crashed with an error that said something about 2400 images. On trying to rejoin the server, the same error occurred again. They just ended up having to switch to a different map.
  2. hYst3r1a

    It's about time! Welcome Wolff!
  3. hYst3r1a

    Woohoo! Thank you all very much!!
  4. Hmmm, scratch that. I guess it worked somehow? Anyone have more information on this to clear up my confusion?
  5. mp_deathrun_clear needs to be removed from the Deathrun server's rotation or fixed somehow. It goes into a download loop that never stops. Thanks! -Hyst
  6. This just happened again on the map mp_forgotten_v1.
  7. I'm rather tired of people on my team stealing my care packages. I just want everyone to be aware that care packages are killstreak rewards, not random drops. As such you should only take a care package under one of the following three conditions: 1) It is an enemy care package. 2) The owner of the care package announces that anybody can grab it (usually due to the fact that he/she died and doesn't want the enemy to obtain it). 3) It has been sitting in the same location for multiple minutes and the owner has not mentioned that he/she is returning to obtain it. So, in summation, get yer dirty hands offa my package! -Hyst
  8. Finally got a chance to check out the new mod. Here's a couple of things I found: 1. As everyone said, the car is still too slow. Should be at least as fast as someone running. 2. The spawn protection is too short, seems like only about 3 seconds as opposed to the 5-6 seconds on the other mod. 3. The minimap on the menu screen (when you hit ESC) doesn't show the little snowflakes behind the frozen people on your team. Other than that, it's awesome. Love how hectic it is and I'm glad to see sudden death is back. Thanks for all the hard work!
  9. hYst3r1a

    Well, we can't judge. It was sole-ly his decision. I do commend his toe-tal commitment to not working.
  10. hYst3r1a

    Along the lines of badgers... http://youtu.be/vPvRVK9YbZM
  11. hYst3r1a

    It's even funnier if you turn on the Closed Captioning.
  12. hYst3r1a

    "3th"?? Sounds like you've already introduced yourself to alcohol today.
  13. hYst3r1a

    Well Dean, looks like you got your wish. Manning will be a bronco!
  14. hYst3r1a

    Hatch day? Considering the fact that he's a toothpick, wouldn't it be like...production day? Happy production day, Toothy!
  15. hYst3r1a

    The marathon map, Breakout.



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