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  1. If so look me up, add me to your friends list on Steam, wahoo4. I play all night Central US time on my six days off work. I'm about 50 hour into it and having fun.
  2. That video is kinda old. I'm not advocating panic, but take responsibility not to spread it. You personally may not be as be a high risk person but there are many others that could be, just saying.
  3. This game actually has me excited, from what I read, it could be one of those game changers similar to Unreal Tournament back in the day so they are saying. Any thoughts?
  4. wahoo4

    RIP and thank you for the kind words.
  5. wahoo4

    Sorry everyone who showed up. I had some personal issues come up this weekend. Also HornyHeather and Adork had a loss in the family and I don't think they played. They need your prayers. I hope those that showed up had fun and I hope I can catch you all soon.
  6. wahoo4

    I'll be on starting tonight 25th for the next seven days after 8pm Central.
  7. wahoo4

    Thanks Everyone! Looking forward to chatting with everyone again.
  8. Does anyone play late into the night anymore? lol I just don't see many members in TS late night.
  9. wahoo4

    My favorites; Path of Exile (free to play) shoot me a PM or catch me in TS if you want to play together. Otherwise I got back into COD2, COD4, COD [email protected]
  10. Hoth just check the COD 2 DM server people have been playing on it. We hope to load it up more and more so this weekend.
  11. I've been trying to get the word out to everyone. I'll be in TS all week starting when I'm off on Christmas late into the night. Catch me and say hello. It's been planned for a few weeks now. I personally plan to play on the COD2 servers a lot, but the plan is to get everyone on Christmas weekend for a reunion, and hopefully introduce many others to get involved.. The COD DM server is already setup and going with XI's mod. Everything is ready to go so just download Call of Duty 2. I'm hoping to meet the members and have a good time with a game that got me into Call of Duty. So many of the great maps are already loaded.
  12. I didn't know him, but my prayers go out to the family. RIP Dadda.
  13. Everyone please join us for the old farts XI reunion on the COD2 DM server over Christmas, but mainly Christmas weekend around 7pm and into the late night US Central. We would really like to get the server filled up for some action and fun chat! Get to work and start setting it up so your ready to play before then. COD2 on steam seems to work great and is patched up already. Just contact us if your having issues. Hope to see you all in game for some old time fun. Merry Christmas!
  14. wahoo4

    Please add me as a friend on steam as well. Steam name: wahoo4 Thanks
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