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  1. bobbarker

    Hi, I’m Bob
  2. bobbarker

    Drunk Idiot at his finest. Lol. Nice job.
  3. bobbarker

    Looks like we have an official Designated Driver, woofuckinhoo, and don't worry, Ill bring my start-all to get you goin again if we need to.....
  4. bobbarker

    Cmon Johnny, get it right, its Don't forget your male friend Mike.
  5. bobbarker

    fuck you cheese, stay away. lol
  6. bobbarker

    Hey fuckers, first one ive missed, flights were fucked and had a major case of vegas burnout. Looks like ya'll had a great time and mule still loves to show his ass. Its all good....... 'll
  7. Goin to Vegas again on Monday......can we move the Fest to Anchorage this year? lol
  8. bobbarker

    Thanks muthaaaaaaaaaa fuckaaaaaaaaa's!!!!!!!
  9. One time I super glue something to my balls and I'm labeled a ball sticker........WTF!!!!!
  10. bobbarker

    Sorry buds, cant make it this year, gotta tend to the divorce. lol, I will be there next year though. Please be gentle with cod, he does drink like Kovut, so theres no telling what will happen. lol Have a great time and get the pics up asap.
  11. bobbarker

    Holy shit, you're already 18.......wow, well, Happy Belated Birthday Rascal.
  12. If its paintball, golf and alcohol Im in. lol
  13. bobbarker

    Oh this is gonna be fun, you fuckers aren't gonna post in English, so fuckin A, I'm in. lol Fuck you Dukoo!!!!!!!!!
  14. bobbarker

    Prayers for your dad and your family my friend.
  15. bobbarker

    Hmmmmm, did we actually ever find him that night in Nottingham? I thought his ass was still missing and working the gloryholes in central England. Well anyway, Happy Birthday!!!
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