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  1. Awesome time cant wait till the next one.
  2. So how long did it take to copy and paste all that shit and then add your own little flare? This hurt my brain with all them big words you dont seem to use in game bruh.
  3. blk_plague

    You do realize that we take it easy on noobs the first couple of months especially Canadians as we know your slow and require special care. That only lasts so long so soak it up then prepare to be broken..........bout time you got your ass in here girl! Kick your ass soon,
  4. Gunna be a sad day again for the Dutch Mafia when our suckiest still kick ur ass! Boom! Here comes the BOOM! There goes the BOOM! Mic dropped.
  5. USA invader but i am 1/32 commanche so FU non americans in america. Im in
  6. blk_plague

    Say it? I cant even spell it. Its all backward and shit FU fooker.
  7. blk_plague

    Thank you all for the bday wishes and fu all who didnt.
  8. Crimson, Firedawg, blk plague. Fuck the number we are the asshats! Or a number is fine......hehe sorry been a little lacking on the sleep.
  9. blk_plague

    A great friend.......truly a great friend. I will miss you brother and i will see you in the next map. I am so sorry for your loss and sorry i never got to know his kids. If you ever get the urge I know we'd all love to meet you in game sometime. May you find peace in your own time.
  10. MMMM that smell...WTF is that smell?......ahhh that damn chicken gone bad i tell ya. Waaayyyy beyond funky to stank ass shiite! Im your worst nightmare biatch and I'll be back to remind you why you ragequit all the time....Luv ya bro. Yea and I love to hijack threads. Now quitcher bitchen and get to killin.
  11. Got fired and new job is far away. Sucksass.
  12. pretty sure ur suckage would cause the scores to skyrocket to unbelievable limits,,,,,,,,just sayin! love ya bro.LOL
  13. And then i saw the ear ring and it changed EVERYTHING!
  14. blk_plague

    Well it must be for real if Bamma has jumped in. So are you staying Yaccster or maybe Pingster, Yacc-lo? I always Liked sweettits for you but welcome back although u never left and i still h8 ur tubin u bastige.
  15. blk_plague

    And I thought that smell was me having left a pudding puddle in my pants......... now it all makes sense.
  16. blk_plague

    Hmm you might be onto something there Hammer...........muahahahahahaha and then take over the world!
  17. Is what I wanted to say when on Dec 13th I was told I just wasnt working out........after ten fucking years im just not working out? WTF. So now im unemployed starting the new year looking for a new job that will still let me play COD at work and get paid.......hmm maybe they had a point there..... fuck that they are still a bunch of cockgobbling shitbirds. Anyhoo i wont be playing for a bit till i get my shit together. Love and miss you all. Unemployed Asshat, BLK_PLAGUE> . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ..
  18. blk_plague

    Happy Fuckin Birthday you fucking Twatwaffle..... Love Ya Bro!
  19. blk_plague

    So sorry for you and your familys loss brother.
  20. blk_plague

    Fu Kami where the hell you been?
  21. blk_plague

    Looks like your both holding in a shart. Nice pic though!
  22. blk_plague

    Gunna miss you brother. Hope your raising hell on the other side. Ride on my friend.
  23. blk_plague

    Sorry for your loss brother!
  24. blk_plague

    nice shoes wanna fuck?



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