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  1. skullDi99er

    Well he was having a tough time as we all know he was with the divorce and not being able to see us plus all the time he spent in the hospital becuz of his heart and he went back to the hospital for foot surgery again but this time something went wrong he went brain dead the pulled the plug around 4 but gave him pain medication but nothing worked and they "they being the doctor's" announced that he died at 9:40 pm Sorry I couldn't find a shorter way to say it
  2. skullDi99er

    Thank you for all of your support guys and gals he's in a better place now tho and remember he called you guys his family too
  3. skullDi99er

    Thanks guys and he was a great man but a better dad than anything
  4. skullDi99er

    This is cobrabites oldest son uh I posted this already but just in case my dad passed away tonight at 9:40 pm he was a great dad to me and one hell of a man I love you dad and you will be missed big guy
  5. skullDi99er

    Thanks gator and he loved all of u guys he was a great dad to me and I will get you guys posted on the arrangements
  6. skullDi99er

    Hey it's cobrabites oldest son uh cobrabites died today at 9:40 pm in the hospital sorry for not telling you guys sooner im still tryna get it thru my head
  7. skullDi99er

    I have changed my name from CobraBtsJr to SkullDi99er ,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated.
  8. skullDi99er

    thanks guys
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