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  1. Twinklstorm

  2. Twinklstorm

    Thank you all!! Happy to be a part of the family ??
  3. Twinklstorm

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads here!!! ??
  4. Twinklstorm

    Went camping last weekend (bear encounter included at 2am... Luckily it scurried off away from outside of our tent after a few minutes!) Went on a 5.5 hour hike the next morning! Wish I would have taken more pictures but was trying to keep up a good pace and survive the trail (barely did... Always bring more water than you think you need ?) Photo attached is from one of the openings by the lake!
  5. Twinklstorm

    Congratulations!!!! ???
  6. Twinklstorm

    Congrats!!! ??
  7. Twinklstorm

    I'm def a big ol' twinkadoodle sometimes! So it might not be a server thing but human error on my part of not understanding properly ?
  8. Twinklstorm

    Sorry... This is something new myself and a few other people have noticed as well. Not a server issue... But a people issue. If an enemy is frozen and has a killstreak. A teammate or myself go up to their bubble and attempt to steal it... The enemy notices that their killstreak may be taken and to avoid it they go into spectate, and then shortly after rejoin the game once we left the vicinity of their bubble.
  9. Twinklstorm

    Hi @Sammy, happy hump day! I've tried to attach my very poor low quality photos of a few odd things from the server! Unsure of which order they will show up as here. But 1. Empty bubbles with no person 2. Lower message not defined (idk what this means but I'm not concerned haha) 3. I have heist perk and maybe no one has a killstreak because there is no logo on top of their character, but I get that message that pops up, "press f to steal the killstreak" (supposedly other people on the server have successfully used heist though and don't get this message... Wondering
  10. Twinklstorm

    How late are we talking? What time zones ??
  11. Twinklstorm

    Cod4 servers seem to be packed or close to usually... Redirection knows me too well! Yeah, I think with the new mod people are going there to test and see what it's like!!
  12. Twinklstorm

    Absolutely stunning!!!
  13. Twinklstorm

    Hello!! Very glad to see a fellow hiker here! Since the virus started and borders have closed I decided this is the best time to explore the province. Have gone on a few hikes so far this year... And many more upcoming ones! Love the green and lushness in your pictures beautiful! VID_20200516_142550.mp4
  14. Twinklstorm

    Can't get rid of me that fast ?
  15. Twinklstorm

    Congrats!!! ?? When you do pop the question, please send pictures of the ring and the beautiful lady!!! I am a hopeless romantic!



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