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  1. Icarus

    Bad news. I feel ya.
  2. Voted. Hope she wins.
  3. It was fun people. I'll try to stop in more often now that I reinstalled it. I miss killing Pete also.
  4. Just reinstalled yesterday, see ya there.
  5. Icarus

    Hoth Glad this game still gets played. Keep doing things to keep up the interest Pete. I miss ctf most of all! It sucks I haven't hardly had time to play for awhile. +1. I really miss the old CTF battles. Hell, i'd be at 20,000 by now. (kills and deaths) P.S. Shouldn't my 3 on 3 tournament winner medal be unique, so I just don't look the same as all the other COD2 slackasses?
  6. Icarus

    Very nice. I'm gonna use that.
  7. Icarus

    I'm pretty sure i'll be there Sunday. Is is back to the way it used to be when it was so busy, or is there still weird mods that caused everyone to leave? Can't believe i've dropped to 14 on that list. I'm even behind loader and that sucks.
  8. Dude, you are letting this girl freak you out waaay too much. If she is trying to avoid you, screw her, let her be. If she's not trying to avoid you, she won't. I know when i was your age I would have scoffed at someone telling me what i'm about to tell you, but here it is... don't try to rush into having a relationship, be 14. Don't sweat this crap, you'll get laid soon enough.
  9. Icarus

    Nicely said Nobody. I ditto that.
  10. Icarus

    Is team kill on? Get the pack off steam client store. (right click on steam in running processes.)
  11. Icarus

    A friend gave me a copy of COD4 way back when he got a new vid card it was free, he didn't need it cause he already had it installed. Didn't care for it, installed then removed, then installed and removed again, as it is now.v Got Black OPs to try something new and really enjoyed it, through the glitches and all. Maps are a point, but everyone is getting better at the maps right along with you. I totally agree with Crack, TEAMKILL DOES SUCK WHALE ASS!!! Btw if COD4 is selling for 24.99 pounds ive got one to sell for 23.99 pounds, in sleeve with key and instructions, no box. (plus shipping and handling)
  12. Icarus

    No action. How about softcore, teamkill off, all domination. Unless you don't want to take everyone from the hardcore mixed chickenass!
  13. Icarus

    Kill the cats, all will be better!!
  14. Icarus

    Add me through profile.



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