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  1. Zombie, get yer ass in the server and abuse some folks!

  2. Foxxx -- COD5 Custom Maps 2 has crashed


  3. Happy Birthday Ghost! Hope you have a nice day 🙂

    1. Ghostlupus


      Thank you MrCrowe 😎

  4. MrCrowe

    One of the most important things I have learned in all of the years I've been around guitars is to either leave things stock or only do mods that can be undone. I had the Tronical tuners on 2 of my SG's and after giving them a good try I found that I just don't care for them. I have removed one set and the other came stock on the guitar. I am currently in the process of removing the Tronicals and installing regular tuners. Fortunately you can easily do this with no holes or radical mods. You could probably remove the Bigsby, fill in the holes and tint them. It might work well and not be very noticeable.
  5. MrCrowe

    You have to be careful doing any kind of neck tweaks with an SG. My tech friend has had tons of customers throughout the years with broken necks and headstocks on their SG's. Did you pull the bridge PU cover off or did it come like that?
  6. MrCrowe

    You could just return it to stock and put the original bridge back in. It might have better intonation and stay in tune better. What model number is it?
  7. MrCrowe

    You don't see a Bigsby on an SG very often. What is the amp setup?
  8. I've never been able to get into FT. These days I'm playing mostly very late night early mornings on the DM server. The crowd at those times is more to my liking.
  9. Just be happy that you live in a place that has fairly reliable trains. Having traveled all over Europe, I'm impressed with the modes of transportation available. We have nothing even close.
  10. MrCrowe

    I think we would be better off using the extra server as an exact copy of the DM server and call one "Regular DM Server" and the other "DM Server for whiners and hack accusers" ?
  11. MrCrowe

    Rob, as little as possible. I've already lost too much faith in humanity.
  12. MrCrowe

    Awesome video! I really love your style of play. I've only been able to play against you once or twice but I did enjoy it. I feel that we can only get better and learn things from playing with exceptional players like you. I think I do okay for a person with 62 year old eyes and reactions. You are literally half my age, LoL! Peace be with you Sir!
  13. MrCrowe

    You lost me at "prayers welcomed" …. ?
  14. Well written and well said Athena! I completely agree!
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