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  1. Well written and well said Athena! I completely agree!
  2. it's more like ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSKQ3ZNQ_O8
  3. Just when you thought it was safe to go out again Zombie Fart comes back to the DM Custom Maps 2 server! We were happy to see him again and he picked up right where he left off. 🤗 😜
  4. I think we somehow need to advertise this poll. I believe if people knew about the possibility of changing the damage and distance of the pump with grip they might be more apt to vote. I played against someone who shall remain nameless last night on a very small map. He was using the pump w/grip and the other 3 players including myself were using SMG's. No matter how hard I played he was able to beat me by 40 kills when the game ended. The pump shotgun with grip is ridiculously over powered!
  5. It's a totally unfair advantage. I used the pump with grip last night and it kills way too easy.
  6. Lots of players are asking where Zombie has been. I have heard that he is playing a new game and taking a break from COD5. Many of us are concerned about his well being. I hope he is okay.
  7. Happy Birthday Ghost! Hope you had a nice day :-)

    1. Ghostlupus


      Thank you. Got really drunk and having major hangover right now :sick:

    2. MrCrowe


      I didn't see you on the server Saturday or Sunday morning. Hope you had a good time!

    3. Ghostlupus


      Yea, a too good of a time I guess. It takes me longer and longer to recover now  :lol:

  8. Spearhead ... We were SiN (Strength in Numbers). We came from RFT.
  9. Hello Rob!

    Just wanted to say hello and how ya doin?

    Jack (MrCrowe)

    1. RobMc


      Hi Jack, well not so good I suppose following my motorcycle accident but hey I'm still alive and amusing myself in our forum as you no doubt see, keeps me sane. I cannot play with you at our usual times as I now sleep downstairs and the computer is upstairs ( this is my tablet ) the noise the crutches make wakes the wife. Hope to be back to normal sometime and killing you.

    2. MrCrowe


      Sorry to hear that Rob! I wish only the best for you. I hope you find relief and comfort soon. Hope to see you in the servers sometime soon. 

  10. Get your ass on the server son! Oh, and how ya doin?

    1. Ronald Mcgraw

      Ronald Mcgraw

      Ka-Kaw. Ka-Kaw !


    2. MrCrowe


      Is this another Zombie alias? 

  11. I could go for almost all of the above except straight DM, no teams. I love the idea of bolt rifles only (single shot), no scopes, no rifle nades, no RPG's, no flame throwers, no marty (Yay!!), no betties and no parachutes. I used to run a Rifles only clan in Medal of Honor with Poppycock a few years back. It was very successful then.
  12. MrCrowe

    Congratulations Monkie! This should be a good thing for us late night/early morning COD5 players. Your first assignment should be to make certain that Ghost says "Bullocks" at least 3 times per game. After that you can discipline Cordi
  13. LoL! I only drink on Friday and Saturday nights. You Europeans always play with me when I'm at the end of my evening :-)
  14. I'm currently running a GTX 970 video card and I'm wondering if a 1080 would make a noticeable difference in COD5? Thanks