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  1. Butch58

    Thank You All. RobMc: The term Salt Farmer was bestowed on me by a departed good friend from Maui, Uncle Longie (Willis Apo). When he asked me what I did at the salt company & I told him I was a Pondman or Waterman, his reaction was pretty much the same as yours. When I explained to him what I did, he said "ohh so your a Salt Farmer". Yes it is a crop, yes it is seasonal, yes you feed it (brine), and it is harvested. The production of Solar Evaporated Sea Salt is actually listed as an agricultural activity in my region of the country. The easiest way to explain the process is the same as how you run a farm growing a crop. Planting Season (Dec. -April), Growing Season (May - Sept.), Harvest Season (Sept. - Dec.). There is always seed stock (brine) in the system to replenish the brine that evaporates, or has depleted itself of pure sodium chloride (salt). That's the short version & Thank You for asking.
  2. Butch58

    Howzit: I'm Butch58. I am a retired salt farmer 👨‍🌾. I live in Northern California, but home to me is the Island of Hawaii🌋. I've been playing on XI servers for over 10 years. Over the years I've played different PC & console games from flight sims, World of Tanks/Warships, to quest games. I started playing on the COD 2 server, then to the COD4 server from time to time. You will find me mostly on the XI COD WAW freeze tag server. What brought me to play on the XI server were two things. The "XtremeIdiots code of conduct" was the first. I figured if a clan that goes by "XtremeIdiots" has a code of conduct, plays by it, & stands by it. Well I want to be an XtremeIdiot when I grow up. The second thing that kept me playing on the XI servers is the XI clan members. They are a good group of people , and I enjoy my time on the servers with them. Even ones that are No Good Dirty Back Shooting GWN ❄️Hoser, or the Sneaky Back Stabbing Goddess that likes to plant her knife🗡️in me every chance she gets, and not to leave out the impolite youngster that can't remember to use Mr. when calling me an "Old F*#ker". Well if this introduction doesn't get me a head shot from one of my fellow players the next time i'm playing COD, I guess I have to do better on my next post.



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