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  1. PnBear

    R.I.P Hue Hefna
  2. PnBear

    page 7 , section 4, line 3 of the books. Reads as follows, congrats.
  3. PnBear

    I will do my best to be there, my birthday weekend. don't know what area the houses are in.. US whitewater center is here with Zip lines. Top Golf inside and house side go kart tracks, paint ball little bit of everything
  4. PnBear

    who ....welcome
  5. PnBear

    ah man, I really hate to this. Rest now my friend, you will always be missed
  6. PnBear

    @@2_MANY_BEERS https://www.xtremeidiots.com/topic/7159-my-xi-story/page-2 2010 and 2011 a very long time ago
  7. PnBear

    I did the last one, I think( my XI story) in the members are, just need to get rock ape to get me the list of all the name. I'll be happy to do it again just take a few weeks to do
  8. anyone in to archery. just asking, I got to shoots all the time and or post a photo what you got
  9. @@Ruggerxi futurama map is Dead, needs removed...dead map not working and thanks for the new maps
  10. vagina wars (star wars) star vagina (star wars) revenge of the vagina (revenge of the nerds) vagina of the nerds (revenge of the nerds) vagina Friday (next Friday) next vagina (next Friday) blazing vagina (blazing saddles) vagina saddles (blazing saddles)
  11. PnBear

    no not offices. from one side spawn point the map has the broken fence on the right an then you run under the arch way to the building with a/ unit on top. or the alley on the left. can go the middle also with the buildings in the middle. sorry ill watch the maps and find the name
  12. mismatch error "saw_mpsaw_acog_mp" did not get the name of map it was before roof map. we have played that map many times before
  13. PnBear

    Now that's Cool
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