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Evolution of the Mighty Met

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Sorry about the cut into Creeping Death but that's how the tape is I had no control over that.I saw them for this tour in a small bar like the first tour video....

I was 19 and paid $10 to see them Armored Saint and Wasp ....Metallica kicked ass !!

For this Tour I was working security for an outdoor venue outside Cincinnati (Riverbend) They were opening up for Ozzy for "the ultimate Sin" Tour and I was working right behind the sound board....Perfect spot....all I had to do was watch the show.  :evil: I was lucky to see Cliff twice before he was taken away from us so early.

next was this tour I saw them for this tour 3 times twice with Queensryche .   uh....Fucking awesome !!

okay...this was the last tour I saw of them before they went into the commercial years,Yeah I said it ! but Hardwired restored my faith in them.

anyways for this show I was the local crew that helped work the show (I worked a spot,way up in the rafters...my job was to follow Kirk...lead guitar)....a big outdoor venue outside Columbus ,Ohio called"Polaris"  for the 95 summer Tour....

Now I'm going to skip some....hehe  and bring us up to the present......

I wanted to get the whole show from Quebec City but couldn't find it in it's full version....so maybe somebody I know;) will post that one or/and the tour before this one ....I believe they have returned...The Mighty Met !!     any of you that have cool videos, rare or not ,of them on tour,plz feel free to post or comment .

I also would like to dedicate this Post to Miss. Metallihead  No.1 fan from the North.


Thrash On !!  :guitar:

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Here's a concert I went at. This is when they "closed" our old and small Colisée Pepsi (sorry, I can't call it an old amphitheater as it's too small to be :) ) : 

And then, 2 days after, they played to inaugurate our new amphitheater ... and yes, of course, I was there too and way ready for my 2nd Metallica concert in 3 days :

And then, in 2017, I've seen them in Boston in May, in Québec city in July and Montréal in July also... but Miss Metallihead me ??? ;) lol




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