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Selling Stuff for Profit ?

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Got a money question.

Suppose I want to get a payment process to process transactions and ship stuff out. Don't want PayPal (will talk about it below). Have no interest in registering a domain name or making an eCommerce Site.

So I use would use something like Cragislist or an App like 5 Miles that takes Stripe or allows you to transfer to Bank Account (a Business Bank Account?).

I would then sell off stuff under 3 Lbs valued at around $6 to $50, Low risk non computer stuff.

Then would pay Uncle Sam (US Gov) his cut to keep him from repo'ing my stuff. Not a tax expert myself, but I'd assume it would be easier to "throw money at it" then locking horns with the man.

As for PayPal what I heard they want to piggy back money when you get a chargeback, so you would have to run to post office and ship from there to avoid just giving a refund without return. PayPal can close and suspend accounts for whatever, and they were recently hacked (google search it).

Want to avoid Crypto Currency as payment as it's going to crash very soon.

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you talk about payment processing..then segue into possibilities or not of websites and domain registration..not sure exactly what your end goal would consist of?

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