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Crysis Wars is a standalone multiplayer game developed by Crytek, packaged with Crysis Warhead.


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  2. Timmah!

    Fingers crossed it has that trans-sectional freezing that made it such a joy to play back in the day.
  3. Merlin007

    Hey Mark, from what i have read, it's currently only available on xbox, playstation, and pc through the epic store. Reading so far, don't see any mention of an origin release and maybe a steam release Sept 2021.
  4. Labob

    Epic games https://www.epicgames.com/id/register I don't think I can run it at 8 k LOL . Can my eye's see 8k video ?
  5. Markoff

    Thanks people but does it run on steam or oigin ??
  6. Merlin007

    Used to enjoy playing the old version but shit, like Oster noted, the specs on this are crazy. Will be years before I can even try to play it lol. My machine aint crap but to this game, I think I'm scrubbing the bottom of the barrel here with no upgrade in sight for a couple of years I think (real like comes first unfortunatly). Graphics look awesome though.
  7. Oster

    It's on Epic right now but unless you have a NASA computer literally it is not worth it right now. I could barely reach 60 FPS on a RTX 2070, 32 GB of ram, ryzen 2700x, and NVME drive.
  8. Ruggerxi

    Will they have dedicated servers for it?
  9. where can i buy this ?? and will anyone else be getting it ..............

    Trial -> Patch 5 -> CryServ Client. CryWars is a great game, unfortunately all the servers are Eu based and often empty during NA times. It's also a free game so would definitely encourage all to test it out.
  11. ok so I dl the trial,,patch and the client,,what order do I install them,,Im thinking trial client then patch and I blame xray..he started me on this but he is no where to help me,,hahahahha
  12. Hello, just like to know why no wars server available anymore ? Do you give up with it ? Your HRD Maps /Server was something verry special and its Sad thing it's not up and running anymore . Best Regards Lara
  13. cant wait ...we miss you buddy
  14. Of course I miss out on this during my busiest time during school...I'm going to be back in the new year..
  15. We play every Monday and Thursday night at 8PM till when ever (eastern standard time) You folks are more than welcome to join.We get anywhere from 3 to 9 players.
  16. You may also want to post this here. http://www.dragonscave-4ever.eu/ As this is where most of the Crysis players are now.
  17. Link seems to be broken. An error occurred during a connection to oldschoolfighters.com. OCSP response has an invalid signature. Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_SIGNATURE
  18. Hi guys, I'm inviting any XI members to the Old School Fighters tournament (date and Map TBD). senior members may remember us from when we whooped your asses a few times back in a day in a couple scrims. Would be awesome to repeat a scrim after all these years as well. Here's the link - no need to register on our website, just through Challonge https://oldschoolfighters.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=835
  19. Monday nights and Thursday nights,,,8PM eastern standard time till whenever...
  20. 2_MANY_BEERS

    So we're only playing on Thursday night?
  21. There are currently over 100 maps running on the server. They have been separated into 11 groups. I change the level rotation every Monday and then again on Thursday for game night. I still have over 100 maps to add. I just need the time to do so. (Boxedin is first and Treehouse is last in the level rotations) 1. <level name="multiplayer/ia/Boxedin_hrd" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/Camp" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/seawolfxi" gamerules="InstantAction"> <level name="multiplayer/ia/Zone_HRD" gamerul
  22. Awakening

    i have account but is problem? i not see you folder maps?
  23. WiZiD

    I uploaded that for you to dropbox. Just log into dropbox and you should find it. Google dropbox...go there...create an account(free)...login....then you should see a folder called levels.......it is in there
  24. Hello all who have maps with crysis wars "looking_glass". if who have version orginal will glad. Version XI map looking glass in bug:
  25. St33l

    It'll be pretty.



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