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Other Game Ban Appeal

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This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all.

What game did you get banned from?: Insurgency
What server were you banned from?: #2
When did you get banned?: 21 Jan 19
What was your in-game name?: Far2D2
What is your game GUID (if known):
Why do you think you were banned?:

As a certified meme lord I was frustrated that we were being spawn trapped (not spawn killed). On the last wave, myself and another player (not sure what his name is but it is some mathematical equation that I have 0 ability to solve) decided to go hide at the back of the map. I then proceeded to type my plan into chat stating that "lets waste their time" and place an IED at the only entrance towards my area. The Admin however foiled my meme strat by executing  order 66 on me and my meme apprentice. I then proceeded to call the admin a feminist SJW (also funny if you aren't over sensitive) and got the old William Wallace decapitation from the server. GG to me. But I would like a Re. 


XOXO your boy,



P.S. I play on a Mac so please feel sorry for me because this is they only game I can play :(

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Your ban is only temporary, for one day.

Although your comical humor is some-what appreciated, this is not an appropriate response as a ban appeal. You are setting a bad example for other players to appeal. The administration team has been monitoring you over the past few days, and it's highly recommended that if you want to continue to play on our servers, you improve your actions. Verbal abuse to our administration team will not be stood for in ANY instance. Remember we have logs of everything you say, do, and type. Other players also record game play with people's voice communications.

Heed my advice.

Edited by Pingfuzzboi

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Will do. Honestly just like to lighten the mood. My comments are never meant to insult or harm anyone, I just like to have fun and if that is crossing the line, I will stop. Apologies for the inconvenience. 


Thanks for the quick response. 

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Although this is an unusual appeal, what you said is not 100% true. "Meme lord" or not, the kind of language you used is not allowed, especially towards XI members.

However, as Ping mentioned, you're temp banned for a day as it is your warning for your latest activity in the servers.

So be careful when you're back.

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