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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a Vietnam War-themed tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive and is co-published by Tripwire Interactive and Iceberg Interactive

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  2. It's ok i found it, had to scroll through all the servers, not ideal but at least i got it eventually.
  3. That don't help me because i see nowhere to input the IP, i'm sure we had an easier way of finding the server?
  4. Make sure you max your field of view out or at least put it higher than the default, the default makes the men seem like they are struggling to run, putting it up means they move much better but of course they don't move like COD and Battlefield games where they can run at top speed and jump with heavy packs on etc this is more like it would have been, they start puffing and panting for breath and have to slow down and also trying to aim when you are out of breath is harder too,i usually put weapons on single shot unless i am quite close to enemy...again more realistic because if you go fully auto when you are far away gun just rears up in the air, hope you enjoy it m8.
  5. Done and DONE, brother! I will see you on there next week after our trip this weekend!
  6. Should snap it up for that price, it is a very good game....more serious and realistic than most fps.
  7. FYI! https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/883-buy-key-steam-rising-storm-2-vietnam/
  8. Do we have an IP address for this or do we find it another way, i can't remember to be honest?
  9. just waiting on tech to get back to me and everything will be up and rdy to go
  10. Is it back yet....the Vietnam war actually finished in less time than this has taken
  11. never got a pm back from u? @Ruggerxi
  12. Server is created just need some info from @Stringer to get things going
  13. I will get this server added shortly
  14. @Ruggerxi can we have an update please Rugger...thanks.
  15. With all the new updates ingame and on the maps guns and more still to come... We are bring back the server.........