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World War 3


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World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Join the fight in massive infantry battles


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  2. They would not give me a refund i tried ?
  3. Anyone still playing this ? . i just asked for a refund ?
  4. i tried to get a refund they said no lol
  5. Maybe they should have called the game WTF instead of WHF.
  6. just got the game and all that's happening is spawn killing ? what a waste of time playing it
  7. http://www.ladbible.com/technology/gaming-world-war-3-sells-100000-copies-in-2-days-20181026?source=gamingbible&fbclid=IwAR1uQZFq1yGQqjsGBBJ0nWD4EtemXWRhCxhyJUX-X3NNgYk_CAiENnOSqCE
  8. Alright, I managed to play a few maps. Graphics are good, although not as good as BF4...its close, but its not equal. Right now, its easy to get spawn killed or having enemies managing to flank you. Run & gun is not what you want to do. And I'm an idiotic runner...so I die a lot and pop a blood vessel... FPS is not too bad, but with my 1070 I get around 60 FPS . Its hard to see the enemy, as some of the gameplay happens in darker areas. I don't know if there is some NVG/INRV/thermal vision or scopes in this, I sure hope so.
  9. Barron 3000, Ok, I'll try it again. Hopefully it works, cause Steam is bullying meeee.....so i hope i wont need to refund this shyz. I feel idiotic.
  10. I bought the game again tonight once I heard it was fixed and yes it is currently fixed. I played 1 game there and I have to say the game has potential , its quite impressive so far Soldier movement is a thing you will notice straightaway which doesn't feel right , after 5-10 mins you get the hang of it. It's bound to be improved You first choose West or East forces , then once you do that your put into a squad of like 4 (2 are designated to attack and 2 are designated to defend objectives) Defending or Attacking you are given orders by your squad leaders etc to watch a point , if you do that successfully you get more battle points which leads to points for 4 perks you can unlock depending how many battlepoints you have earned. The 4 battlepoint rewards are , a extra explosive for like 700 , a drone scan on a point on the map for like 1200 , artillery for like 2000 and access to unlock a tank for 3200 Those features alone make the game into a more teamwork game , rather than everyone like on BF1 just picking sniper class ^The features above make the game worth buying if your into a game with teamwork with rewards
  11. I had to verify integrity of files to play . i had 7 missing
  12. I have it in my list to get but wont be getting it till after bfv unless i strike it rich lol
  13. The weapons customization screens seem very interesting and the armor plates/helmets bring a new dimension for sure. I got my Steam refund, but will buy again once issues are cleared out. MOFO
  14. will be! out of the 2 ,[BF5] this looked better, the plus side i find with steam,problems they get on it to, fix and keep you updated,EA takes them months,plus side games reasonably priced,compared to nearly twice for BF5.......
  15. As I'm still an idiot and had 60 minutes of combined load times waits and crashes, I asked for a refund via Steam. I will wait a few days to see how they address the issues. Big Bad Steam team is telling me that I asked for too many refunds lately (all crashes)...lol https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/22/devs-apologise-for-kicking-world-war-3-off-to-a-disastrous-start/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockpapershotgun%2Fsteam+(Rock%2C+Paper%2C+Shotgun%3A+Steam+RSS) They should at least being aware. This game looks very promising and I'm just waiting a couple more days.....
  16. if you see me in team sp.stop in and we can play 1 of the broken games .it's all for fun..
  17. I'm in definite need for a new go-to game. I will grab some popcorn and wait it out a little.
  18. like i said it needs work but what do you want for early release .and 28 bucks.
  19. Recent reviews seem to be all positive now so seems to be fixed now Might just purchase it again now later after work, my refund still hasn't gone through PayPal yet but fuck it ?
  20. Cool TS. Didnt managed to get in game yet. Its based off Unreal4 game engine, so you are right gfx cant be as cool as the latest BF. Its also possible that level of details increase in the long run....
  21. played? have to say .if and when the whole game comes out it should be a lot of fun.needs work.i played on a EU server no problems lag here and there but thats gaming..played for over 1 hour .there is a lot to figure out in the game .a lot like BF3 or 4.does not look as good .but the game is fun.have to play more and see what happens in the end..
  22. i played on EU and NA servers..... it was damn laggy on NA servers, maybe because of the connection issues they had. But the game is very nice
  23. So what is your verdict after 3 hours?As you are from the Netherlands, you played on EU servers. Maybe other regions are not as good? Being a game from an European studio, I wonder if North American servers will be good and plenty....
  24. now servers are down for maintenance... fingers crossed.... could play for the last 3 hours
  25. i have been trying to play sense Friday all it does is start to load .then stops responding .hopefully tomorrow
  26. I have been talking to people who have it and they are having no luck at getting in a server. I will get the game, but not going to try playing until this issue is fixed.

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