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  1. daMike

    Gettin´ too old to score - now he has to wait to get picked up Happy Birthday
  2. daMike

    Je suis Charlie!
  3. daMike

    Little Wicked Vicky sneaked around while the enemy was milking his goat she slit his throat Little WICKED VICKY SNEAKED AROUND
  4. daMike

    Great catches
  5. daMike

    It is so typical Frenchi going bla bla bla on a subject like this Going to be a great house damit
  6. daMike

    Nice - i like documentaries
  7. daMike

    Better make that 2 half your age - in case one of them blows up or gets out of order - you never know with that fragile things Besides - life is quite simple for a man - get laid, get drunk, get sober, get laid, get drunk...etc. And since what fucked up your life was a fucking fuck who fucked off with fucking someone leaving you all fucked up. Seriously - talk to as many about it as often as you can - and you will be accepting it and getting better faster than you think possible.
  8. What is worse than a sneakyVicky? Well - nothing Happy Birthday.
  9. daMike

    Is he cutting the cake or spraying an exstra layer? Well - happy Birtheday girly
  10. daMike

    I wonder then how Google can get any play time at all FU BEECH
  11. daMike

    Havn´tyou all heard that to prevent the oceans water level to rise due to global warming - if we all - and that is all of the world - if everybody at the excact same time flushes all the toilets in the world, we will use that much water - that we can actually lower the oceans by a meter or so - and that way we can save the world - aint that great? ...and if whales get stranded - so what....
  12. daMike

    What - he didn´t pass away after all? - and i was just soooo cheerfull about it - well - Boomer dies twice
  13. daMike

    To the best Pink ever - Happy Birthday
  14. daMike

    Its not a typical happy-end hollywood flick - it actually has a meaning to it Very well played and very catchy story - alot of realism - no glamour. Still it shows family bonds beyound the trouble. WATCH IT
  15. daMike

    yup -def a great movie. Piggin eck. Also Nebraska is worth a while.



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