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  1. Smurf|NL

    Thoughts and prayers forToes and his family
  2. Smurf|NL

    I use this one https://www.jbl.com/gaming/QUANTUMONE.html?dwvar_QUANTUMONE_color=Black-US-Current
  3. Smurf|NL

    Gecondoleerd met dit verlies sterke in de komende tijd voor jullie .
  4. Smurf|NL

    welcome back 3rdCdnInftythis ?
  5. Smurf|NL

    count me in ?
  6. Smurf|NL

    GTA5 is free to download on Epic Games for limited time .?
  7. Smurf|NL


    Look at this make this a couple of years ago ?
  8. Smurf|NL

    RIP Johnny you will be missed ? Prayers for him and his family.
  9. R.I.P my friend and my thoughts and feelings are with you all ?
  10. Smurf|NL

    we will make the netherlands great again @codpiece ?
  11. Smurf|NL

    Nice to meet you too @trekvinger ? we have to do it again under the other circumstances .
  12. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday to all have a nice day ?
  13. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday aussie have a good one ?
  14. Smurf|NL

    Happy Bday Codpiece
  15. Look at this Pur http://server-jybzndci.arkers.io/
  16. Smurf|NL

    Its only battlenet from blizzard i dont know if iit is a open beta i get a key from asus
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