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  1. Did you look under the name Snowflake?
  2. HotRod55

    Nice wishbone. looks awesome.
  3. HotRod55

    Why don't you build a boat and float your hacking ass back to the DR. lol welcome in dickhead.
  4. HotRod55

    Looking for a new set of headphones. Does anyone have a good recommendation they like? I am looking towards wireless headset any good or bads for them? price is no matter gonna use stimulas to buy. Plus need to a new fire arm also so don't kill my bank. lol
  5. HotRod55

    Yes I have one in my garage right now. A 1955 bel air.
  6. HotRod55

    love it
  7. HotRod55

    well this should start shit.
  8. HotRod55

    Welcome kid congrats on the tags. Don't listen to timmah he is a douche bag.
  9. HotRod55

  10. HotRod55

  11. HotRod55

  12. HotRod55

    How did you get a picture of weed?



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