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  1. HotRod55

    Congrats enjoy it. I know I do with mine.
  2. HotRod55

    That's pretty cool.
  3. HotRod55

    And now he is in the hospital drinking from a straw. At least I know I would be.
  4. HotRod55

    Happy B-Day
  5. HotRod55

    CHeck this out, cool fridge. https://imgur.com/gallery/TZlnYnE
  6. HotRod55

    Man I just usual have to buy a mouse after slamming it several times. Because of Sharpe.
  7. HotRod55

    Show I went to yesterday.
  8. HotRod55

    Sad day my friend s.
  9. HotRod55

    haha nice
  10. HotRod55

    Have a great day.
  11. HotRod55

    Happy Birthday Meek. Have a great day.
  12. HotRod55

    Yes ham and swiss cheese inside.
  13. HotRod55

    This is The Finished product for me.
  14. HotRod55

    I agree with Sharpe. HAX!
  15. HotRod55

    looks yummy going to try it sunday. Thanks Timmah