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  2. HotRod55

    And the finish product. I think I went to long by about 10 degrees. Good taste but fell off the bone to easy. Ran at 275 till temp was 170 then wrapped to 200. Pulled let rest in ice chest. Roughly 8 hours to cook. Oh and homemade mac salad.
  3. HotRod55

    ok Smoke time again, I will post from start to finish,
  4. HotRod55

    I use the grill grates on top. I usually pull them out mid month an give them a good cleaning.
  5. HotRod55

    The finish.
  6. HotRod55

    Tonight's dinner is on the smoker. About an hour an will be ready.
  7. HotRod55

    Looks good buddy. I also have a 780 pro, I added grill grates to mine an use that to sear cross patterns into all my meat. Look up grill grates they usually run about 200° higher the what your smoker is set at. An you don't have to pull and turn up the heat. Also look up meat church bbq on YouTube. Matt does really good food an tells you everything about smoking you need. He is in Texas also, look him up an get you some Holy cow meat rub.
  8. HotRod55

  9. HotRod55

  10. HotRod55

    Fix fire trucks when they break.
  11. HotRod55

    Sorry for your loss brother. You have my prayers my brother. lost my dad about 6 years ago it was hard, be strong you have a lot of friends here to talk to if needed.
  12. HotRod55

    Another good song by the highwaymen.
  13. wanna move to montana area with me? lol Babyback relax I was joking. You are still my #1 bitch. lmao
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