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  1. HotRod55

    I watch metal shop workings, Like Abomb79 great lathe work here. Also watch Finnegans garage cause he builds good shit Oh an has a 55 chevy, Smartereveryday good learning channel. I watch Jerry Miculek For some cool gun stuff. I do also watch Hickock45. I like watching all things about old engineering old motors. Proper people with their walking through abandon places, Explorewithus for more abandon places. latest is watching Antifa Smackdown love that shit right there. There is a lot more but that is my top stuff to watch
  2. HotRod55

    Needs to be a pepper bomb then it would be funny.
  3. You would thief. I think you just make hacker stop the heist, All other who don't run it oh well. The problem I see a lot is people jumping to spec when they have something to steal. That should be a time out kick.
  4. HotRod55

    That's badass, nice ink buddy.
  5. HotRod55

    Kitty litter>XI<
  6. HotRod55

    FU chewy. lol
  7. HotRod55

    Talk all you want I still will call you a hacking POS. Don't care if you get butt hurt cause I call you a hack. Problem is your arrogance if it wasn't so bad you might be ok. But you head is so BIG it needs it own zip code. Try changing that an I may just quit calling you a HACK!
  8. HotRod55

    Best man that ever walked this earth.
  9. HotRod55

    Hey Ghostface, Can I get some info on what to buy. This will be my first AR15 build. I am doing research with internet an people that have built the AR to find a happy medium for a build for me. I am leaning towards a 20" barrel cause I am a big guy. Plus what I have researched a 20" barrel has the best at 300 yards. give me some of your experience so I can do it right. I am looking for a red dot scope. is the Sig red dot a good sight? Thanks brotha
  10. I agree with the frustration. Thanks for trying to improve the mod, but I think it didn't do much. My opinion on the mod is hit marker shots are not doing a lot of damage. Some guns are way to powerful in the game like the MK46, All everyone is doing now is spamming walls I know cause was I am doing it. I like to try all guns, some sway some not. Sniper rifles to me have gotten worse. As for your everyone is enjoying themselves I beg to differ all I hear in game is complaining. My 2 cents
  11. Me too meaning I am Getting kicked also. wtf
  12. HotRod55

    I hate spelling it out for all you demtards So... I don't know how to put this politically correct. This so called pandemic in my opinion is a joke brought on by the media. The new videos show they are padding the numbers an the flu is still in the lead, The media has blown this way out of realm. the numbers are not matching what the say. I work in a area of medical response an out of 700+ employees on the front line in califu we have 2 positive. Just an fyi That is 419 square miles of land. Second or third largest to LA county. This is a media joke, an trying stop or infringe on the presidential race and our rights as Americans. Sorry if I offend your belief's, but your wrong in every way. If you don't like me walking outside without a mask, stay in your home an lose a lot money an make lots of money for the dems. This is a test run for dem's to see if socialism works an we must stand up an fight an tell them hell fucking no! My 2 cents on this crap with Covidtard 19. PS if you have it sorry you do. I am a high risk person with diabetes also an still nothing so change my mind if you can. If this is written wrong sorry I have been drinking an am tired of the media bs an hammer an his bs. Love you hammer an you wacky crap
  13. Glad I am not the only one.
  14. HotRod55

    Here are my new toys. First is a ruger 45 revolver I got from an estate sale wife worked at. Second are the guns I bought when I picked up the revolver after my 10 day wait. Left is the wifes brand new glock gen23 40, right is a ruger sr45 that was on consignment sale. I pick those up hopefully this week. Sad part is I heard DOJ is now taking up to 15 to 20 days to process papers.
  15. HotRod55

    Sandlot a awesome movie. Need to watch that again.



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