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  1. So how is this? I heard it is pretty good and thought about trying out. Anyone out there playing it? How is gameplay? And what about hackers??
  2. PigDog

    Hey, I have added the folks here that gave their IDs. Mine is PigDog68.
  3. Hey! That was my coffee!!
  4. GRRRRR   IONK!   lol

    1. PigDog


      Absolutely!  Just got back from the islands!  Now I need a vacation to recover!

    2. J3st3r


      never been on a vacation :(

  5. PigDog

    I just got it last night, I like the fact that you are in a squad. I haven't gotten a kill yet, but I have been a champion....how is that even possible??
  6. PigDog

    Who in here is playing Black Ops 4, and is it any good? I read some old posts that said hackers were bad. How is the Battle Royale mode? I'm thinking about trying it.
  7. Hey, PigDog, happy birthday, bud.


    1. PigDog


      Wow, Ayaq!! Thanks Man, good to see you still around here!


  8. PigDog

    Thanks everyone, I found it!
  9. PigDog

    Ok, so I just loaded COD5 after several years. Where the hell is my profile stored? I don't show an multiplayer profile that can be edited.
  10. PigDog

    OK, I think I figured it out. I have an NVIDIA card and the last time I updated drivers , it downloaded the GE Force Experience, which does some recording of games, I guess. I turned that crap off and voila! No more FPS drops. Thanks for all the input!
  11. PigDog

    And here is a shot of Speccy. the one HD does not show a temp on this one??
  12. PigDog

    here is a shot of my PC using SpeedFan. Why would one of my Hard Drives show it is running at 128 C ?? Everything else looks to be in range.
  13. PigDog

    Checked and it is seated ok. This is really pissing me off!!
  14. PigDog

    Running Windows Defender. Should be ok and up to date.
  15. PigDog

    Here are my results from 3DMark. I am not sure why they are not better. I have an I7 with a GTX670 that has 2048K. How are my results only better than 9% of all results? What else could be going on? I am not over heating.
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