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  1. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to Ricko in What Are You Listening To Today?   
  2. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to Roxy! in What career are you in?   
    Hello Froggy, I have been a lawyer for 20 years ... in 2013 I got my doctor of laws degree in my country. I was professor at the University for a few years.
    I dont think to many know it but also as part of my hobby and investment  I flip houses... yeap I love to do that is my creative side, I just done last one a couple month ago. I see beauty in the most horrendous pleaces....I like to pick every details and decoration to transform them. 
    But this beautiful pandemic 🙄 changed the style of work that I made at my firm... it became less exciting so I guess it came to make me renew myself like the phoenix ...thats why I have started working on a new project that will radically change what I do ... if everything goes well I will sell my part of my firm and became to a eternal traveler sooner that I thought, so wish me luck.
    PS. XI MEMBERS my malefic plan it is like Julio Verne, Around the world in eigthy days hehehe and visit your countries/cities ... get ready!!! @Sourtap @P!nk @Lunkster @[email protected] @FRENCHI @Oliveu r gonna to be the 1st ones =D 
  3. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to J3st3r in Frenchi solves the problem   
    Kissy Kissy lol
  4. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to TBB in Frenchi solves the problem   
    @FRENCHI   lives

  5. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to RobMc in Frenchi solves the problem   
    It is the 2nd French revolution @FRENCHI has been tried and sentenced for constantly dropping his rifle, he has been sentenced to death by madame guillotine, @VHS2 is the executioner.
    Frenchi is lead to the guillotine, the crowds are screaming 'Defrost, Defrost', ignoring them he gives a little bow and lays his head upon the block, calmly gazing into the basket ready to catch his head.
    VHS steps up, grabbing the cord to release the blade, 'no respawning this time he croaks, une, deux trois and pulls the cord hard, the blade whistles down and shudders to a halt 6" from Frenchi's neck. Puzzled he resets the guillotine and tries again for the 2nd time, etiquette demands that the victim is released after the 3rd try, as he is seen to be innocent in the hands of God. Same thing, the blade whistles down and stops 3" short of Frenchis neck, now in a panic VHS resets the blade for the last time, the crowds are baying for blood.
    Frenchi, who to this point has been 999, glances up 'I see what the problem is' he shouts.
  6. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to RobMc in Personal Attack?   
    Oh! mon petit cochon rose, enfin vous avez avoué votre amour pour moi . Ensemble, nous monterons dans le coucher du soleil sur votre cheval? Je vais vous faire parler couramment l’anglais en un rien de temps.
  7. Haha
    FRENCHI got a reaction from RobMc in Personal Attack?   
    ne: wtf signifie que je t’aime? Alors oui je t’aime 😂😂
  8. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to RobMc in Personal Attack?   
    I'm going to stop teasing the lovely @Roxy! Ricko as I think things get lost in translation and our teasing gets read as criticism and the humour is lost, she is a lovely lady and does a great job. Google translate causes more problems than enough, especially in Dutch and French, thank you for the champagne and flowers on Valentines day @FRENCHI, but I said I loved playing with you, not I love you ??? 😂 (Did you get my Brown Ale?)
  9. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to MtDeW in I FOUND FRENCHI   
    we now know whos horses you ben hanging with
    and the goat was lying as to not hurt the horses feelings  
  10. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to TBB in I FOUND FRENCHI   
    Well the Goats told @FRENCHI    they don't prefer you - they like his horse better!
  11. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to RobMc in I FOUND FRENCHI   
    OK OK, just for the record @FRENCHI has the most passionate Kissy Kissy, but his tongue is not as rough as the goats, it is gentle.
    I prefer the goats
  12. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to TBB in I FOUND FRENCHI   
    @RobMc    told me!!!!  
  13. Haha
    And you know this how @TBB
  14. Haha
    FRENCHI reacted to TBB in I FOUND FRENCHI   
    Well - that looks like his tongue  anyway!!
  15. Like
    FRENCHI reacted to rexbowan in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday you two!
  16. Like
    FRENCHI reacted to Sonovabich in Remembering JohnnyDos   
    Just want to give a shout out for Johnny who would have been 69 today, so sorry you never got to see this birthday my friend, you sadly left us 11 months ago, the time has passed so quickly, i have missed you every day since then, i will never forget you Johnny, God bless you my friend
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    FRENCHI reacted to corsicaman in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    un très bon anniversaire Didier  !!
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    FRENCHI reacted to TBB in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Have a GREAT birthday!!!  
  19. Like
    FRENCHI reacted to major-mark63 in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy birthday !! bonne fete!!!!!!
    Wow two parties in a row!!!!
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    FRENCHI reacted to Hunter1948 in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday folks!!!
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    FRENCHI reacted to Dot80 in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday to you both
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    FRENCHI reacted to Dirk Diggler in 12/26/20 Birthdays   

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    FRENCHI reacted to Merlin007 in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday! 
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    FRENCHI reacted to LaRSin in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday and have a great day

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    FRENCHI reacted to pwrcrzy52 in 12/26/20 Birthdays   
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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