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  1. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday folks!
  2. rexbowan

    Whaaaaaat? No pictures. Didn't happen. lol
  3. rexbowan

    Still in the process of putting up tree. Since it is fake I will post last years picture of the same tree.
  4. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday you two!
  5. rexbowan

    The only tattoo I have is a black mark on my index finger where I poked myself with a pencil in grammar school. lol
  6. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday Dot! I hope you have a great Birthday Week.
  7. rexbowan

    Thinking of you and your family.
  8. rexbowan

    Very exciting and scary. Good luck!
  9. rexbowan

    Congratulations! Great news.
  10. rexbowan

    Biotech he took your cherry! lol
  11. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday you two!
  12. Nobody wants to incur the cost of taking responsibility so they unleash them on the public. Very sad.
  13. rexbowan

    Happy Birthday folks!
  14. rexbowan

    Wow! Enjoy. Who installed the pavers? Why not a cement slab? (taxes?)
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